Computer games have been available for as long as we can remember.  However, standalone gaming systems have dominated for two decades, from the Nintendo all the way up to next generation consoles in the PS3.  Thanks to technology, computer games have resurfaced and they offer fans a whole new level of excitement.  Online play presents exciting opportunities that never existed before and unique accessories have been introduced to make it feel as if you are immersed right in the middle of the action.

Meet the Gaming Headset

Many gamers are taking their adventures to the next level with headsets as opposed to the conventional set of computer speakers.  Similar to a set of headphones, a good pair of headsets, such as the Sennheiser PC 350, provides more detail, allowing the user to gauge exactly where the enemy is coming from.  This is critical in the gaming world as many new titles now feature voice commands, allowing you to warn your team members when they are in danger.  More advanced gaming headsets come equipped with microphones to clearly give out commands and noise-cancelling technology to block out any distractions.  When considering that some of today’s games have the ability to translate different languages, the gaming headset plays an essential role in establishing worldwide dominance.

Choosing the Right Headset

There are a variety of gaming headsets to choose from; the one suited for your world all depends on how you plan to use it.  If you would like to carry out a mission and still be available for VoIP calls, then you should probably go after a set with an integrated sound card that connects to the USB port of your computer.  There are also different styles such as monaural, which will only delivers sound to one ear, and binaural which gives you the opportunity to completely emerge yourself in the game and stay audibly isolated from the real world.

If you are a hardcore gamer, plan for the future and go after a comfortable headset.   This typically boils down to style as you have the choice of over-the-ear or in-ear headsets.  Both designs tend to deliver excellent sound quality so it’s basically all about comfort here.  Speaking of quality, bass is another factor you may want to consider.  While it isn’t essential in all games, having a little extra thump in your headset comes in handy when the big boom of explosions erupt in the background.

Knowing What’s Available

Just as there are various styles, there are also several companies who manufacture these gaming headsets.  Of all the manufacturers, only one stands out as the preferred choice among a legion of gamers.  Plantronics is well known for introducing high quality audio products and have expanded on the technology with their video game friendly devices.  Two of their most popular headsets are the Pulsar 590A and 590E.  Equipped with Bluetooth, these units enable mobility and up 10 hours of intense game play.

It’s All on You

No one knows your dedication to the gaming world better than you.  Before investing into a headset, do a little research to find out which product suits your lifestyle.  If you’re like most of us and take losing to the heart, dedicating the time to pick the right set is an absolute must.