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Pioneers of DECT Technology Gigaset are featuring in communications news at the moment with their new communications strategy that they’re calling “Gigaset 2015”. At IFA 2012 they revealed three flagship innovations that they believe will meet the evolving needs of their users. Now those prototypes are starting to hit the market – so here’s our round up of what you should look out for in the year to come.

Gigaset Android: tomorrow’s business phone today

Primarily developed for the small home office and SME markets, Gigaset’s first Android based business handset was unveiled at IFA. Described as a “touch phone for discriminating business users” the phone features keyboardless functionality, with a video screen and tablet-like touch screen for all commands and functions.

The phone can facilitate video conferences either by landline or by utilising voIP technology – plus for larger conference meetings the video screen can be plugged into a plasma display or similar large scale display for ease of use across multiple participants.

Transforming landline capabilities: the Gigaset SL 930

Tipped by Gigaset to “set new standards in landline telephony”, the SL 930 is the world’s first landline handset to offer full-touch telephony based on Android technology, as well as a large number of pre-installed apps and access to Google Play’s online store featuring more than 600,000 apps. The technology will also include PC and Mac compatible “QuickSync” software – equipping the user to sync their Google contacts via the Cloud. Look out for this model, due to hit the market in Summer 2013.

Gigaset Elements: remote control for your home

gigaset elemnts plug

Perhaps the innovation we’re most excited about this year is the hotly anticipated Gigaset Elements – a modular sensory based system that allows you to control your home’s security, safety, power usages and many other features remotely via your mobile. In fact we’re so impressed by it that we’ve devoted a whole article to it. Get the full low down here.

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