In today’s fashion driven society, an overwhelming majority of men across the globe prefer having beards in many different styles. Research has shown that people with beard are less attractive than their shaved counterparts.

However, it largely depends on how you compliment the beard with your outside look and fashion preferences. In this, article we will provide you with a few fun facts about beards.

6 Fun Facts about Beards

  1. The longest facial hair belonged to a Norwegian man. It measured 5.3 metres long. This was in 1927 and the guy is no longer alive. Currently, the man with longest living facial hair is in England and is measured at 2.4 metres.
  2. Have you ever wondered how long your facial hair could grow if you put your entire mind to it? Wonder no more. It may shock you to learn that your beard can grow to 9 metres if you allow it to grow. Shaving on a regularly basis doesn’t make your beard grow faster, this is a myth.
  3. Throughout history, beard has been considered a symbol of manliness. One ancient ruler became furious when another king sent him a beardless man. Having any type of facial hair means you are no longer a metro guy. It is theoretically possibly to be a man without a beard, but having a beard does help.Philips-Norelco-AT830-use-image
  4. Whether or not you ought to grow a beard largely depends on your genetics. The growth of beard is determined genetically and there isn’t much you can do other than to acknowledge that. If you have grown enough facial hair to enable you to develop a beard, then you should grow it.
  5. Facial hair can help you scratch your manly shoulders and arms with ease. Contrary to the popular belief, beards are not itchy. You may experience some itchiness those first weeks, but after sometimes, that feeling goes away. Actually, the natural scrubby pad is ideal for taking care of other itchy body parts of our upper body.
  6. Often times, men with dense hair beneath the chin can’t develop hair on the upper part of the cheek bone and, similarly, guys with dense hair in the moustache part often can’t develop anything beneath the chin. Some men can’t grow beards, or can otherwise only develop facial hair sparsely or in very tight spots of the face.


With the exception of few men on planet earth, most men have beards. Feel free to drop the above six facts know about beards in your day to day conversation and check out our Men’s Grooming section for all your facial hair’s needs.