Quickly following the invention of cordless headsets for the mobile phone came the same technology in office phones. Plantronics’ CS60 fits the bill as a cordless headset with the ability to connect to an ordinary phone and provide wireless calls over a land line.  Instead of Bluetooth, the CS60 thrives off of DECT technology, a system used in most home-based cordless phones.  DECT hasn’t always been the easiest technology to work with so we were curious to see if the CS60 could do the trick.

How it Works

The CS60 comes with a base station that can be connected to your existing home or office phone and a headset which attaches to your ear.  The base station comes packed with a transmitter and the battery charger for your headset.  The CS60 integrates smoothly with a range of land line phones from standard analogue and digital to VoIP and other DECT systems.  Unlike other systems, it sits between your cabled handset and a land line phone, allowing you to choose the type of phone from a selector on the side.

DECT technology is used to transfer the audio of your calls, boasting an outdoor range of approximately 100 meters and 50 meters inside.  You will receive about 9 hours in talk time from a replaceable battery which is a definite plus for the demanding office setting.  Unfortunately, with this headset, there are no controls on the unit to initiate calls.  This means that you would have to make the call from your desk and then transfer it to the CS60.   Some may be able to live with this but it definitely cuts the base of potential users in half.

Due to the design restrictions,  some users may find that it is only ideal for incoming calls.  Plantronics tries to justify this with the IntelliStand that keeps the CS60 fully charged and can also be used to answer incoming calls when taking the headset out of the holder.

The CS60's call quality is superior and provides a solid DECT connection.  The design of the earpiece is a turn off at first glance but the sound comes in loud and clear.  While a bit sensitive, the microphone is directional and perfect for the office with loud chatter in the background due to simultaneous conversations.

VoIP Capability

Carrying on with its compatibility, the CS60 has a USB connection that allows it to be integrated with the Skype application to enable VoIP calls.  With the software installed on your PC, connect the headset and you can make and receive calls over the internet.  The call quality and range is excellent here as well but we run back into the same problem of making outgoing calls.  There is the voice recognition feature, but the lack of a display means you can’t view who’s on Skype and therefore, you may end up missing out on some of the benefits of VoIP.


All in all the CS60 is a useful device.  However, it is likely to be more useful for someone who spends a lot of time away from the desk.  If it is the first wireless headset to make its way into the office, you will most certainly notice an improvement.