Headphones and Headsets to suit your Style

Choosing a headset is a little bit like selecting a new pair of glasses: You want something that suits your style, and compliments your looks, rather than taking over your face. With headsets this is particularly true when you use them for work or for sports.


Modern headsets come in a variety of styles and designs: Whether you need a pair of these for work, home, or smartphone use; whether you want a monaural or binaural headset, the choices are endless. One particularly popularly stylish contemporary design is the Jabra Stone 2, which is as comfortable as it is different, so you’ll never feel out of place. Have we found your match yet?



If you’re the sporty type, and want to look your best while running or at the gym, we’ve got some great headphones for you. Being fit doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style for a pair of boring earbuds with dodgy sound: The Jabra Sport Corded and Jabra Sport Wireless+. With a built-in FM radio function, and excellent weather- and shock-proofing, these sporty headphones might just be your perfect match.



Today’s business men and women want (and should want!) a little bit more from their headsets. Fortunately there are some truly stylish options out there, such as the excellent Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset. With fashionable metal and leather features, and an elegant carrying case to charge the monaural headpiece, this one’s the match for the modern fashionista.



“Futureproof and stylish”, those are the words describing the Jabra Motion UC Wireless headset. So if you, too, enjoy Sci-Fi, and want something a little more “out there”, we’ve got the right headset for you. Your perfect match offers best-in-class wireless freedom, connects to devices with just the simple touch of a button, and is customisable to fit you for utmost comfort.

Whether you’re alone or with someone this Valentines Day, we’re sure to have the perfect match for you in the form of a clever new headset. Why not tell us about yours in the comments section? Have we matched your perfect style?