Our love affair with Smartphones has been growing steadily over the past few years as the likes of Apple, Google Microsoft, Samsung, Sony....(the list goes on) have competed to deliver better, faster, and more innovative Smartphones. One of the biggest challenges posed by Smarphone manufactuers in the face of developing faster and evermore sophisticated devices is battery life. And whilst Apple's iPhone 6 addresses the complaints many iPhone 5 users had, we are still a long way from the days (even weeks) of usage we could rely on when our mobile were a lot less "smart".

So whilst the powers at be work on a long-term solution, we have been labouring away for the benefit of Smartphone users everywhere and compiled an extensive and interactive guide to help you save your smartphone battery life and keep it working longer.

How does it work?

It's quite straightforward really - there are two drop down menus; click on the left one first and select the make of your phone, then click on the right to find your specific model. A simulacrum of your phone will pop on-screen along with a list of features/hints on how to save your battery life. Just click on the tip our interested in and details on how to take advantage of it will appear on the screen for you to follow.


The guide features a majority of the most popular phones currently available, and will be updated monthly as an when new updates, models & tips become available. If your phone is not on the list and you'd like to see it featured, let us know in the comments section and we 'll see what we can do!

General battery life best practice

1. Always run the most up-to-date OS available for your phone as running an older operating system can cause problems.

2. Be vigilant in switching off apps and services you aren't using; a lot of apps drain your battery by refreshing in the background so it's worthwhile

3. Try keeping your hands off your phone a few times throughout the day!


To find out how to get the best out of your Smartphone, head on over to our interactive guide now.