The digital revolution has brought us complete freedom in our musical listening experience. With the help of computers and MP3 players, today music lovers across the globe can travel anywhere without leaving their favourite soundscape behind. However, there is that last restriction: the headphone cord, chaining its users to their device. Fortunately, a new product from the BackBeat range removes this last physical tether with the BackBeat Pro.

Wireless Headphonesplantronicsbackbeatpro_product

The Backbeat Pro's are a pair of headphones manufactured by the Plantronics company. These headphones are completely wireless, interfacing with your computer or smart phone via Bluetooth technology. Suitable for high fidelity music listening, for use with telephone calls or as a general purpose set of computer or smart phone ear buds.

Built in to the headphones we find a microphone, making them excellently flexible for use with a smartphone, allowing you to move seamlessly from listening to music or watching a YouTube clip to taking your call.

Noise Cancelling Technology

To complete immerse listeners within the music experience, the BackBeat Pro's feature noise cancelling technology. This acts as a sort of auditory insulator, keeping the noise generated by the headphones from escaping too far from the ears while simultaneously preventing outside noises from interfering with the listening experience. Inside a pair of BackBeat's, listeners are placed front and centre for their own private concert.

Feature Rich

The Backbeat Pro's are equipped with a rechargeable battery which acts as its power source. Alone, the battery itself offers up to 4 and a half hours of listening or 5 hours of talk time. The head phones intelligent Deep Sleep system monitors when the device is not in use or away from a compatible device to enable a hibernation which extends battery readiness for up to six months. If attached to the included charging case, the case on a full charge can offer up to 14.5 hours of listening time.

Battery life can easily be monitored at any time using the headset battery meter compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. On the small wire connecting the two ear buds, we find in line volume and call controls, which allow you to control the song, answer or drop calls, and adjust the volume.

Privacy, FidelityplantronicsBBG2_product

There is nothing quite like the experience of being in your own private sonic world, to enjoy the sounds produced by ear buds which flow seamlessly into your auditory canals. The Backbeat Pro's attempt to harness this amazing experience and deliver beautiful fidelity with every pair.

The BackBeat Go 2

As a compliment to the full-featured headphone experience offered by the Backbeat Pro, the Backbeat Go 2 (announced on liGo) is a quality pair of ear buds, featuring the same wireless Bluetooth technology and exceptional audio fidelity which makes the Backbeat Pro's stand out. A pair of Backbeat Go 2's gives all the convenience of wireless listening in the form of an in-ear ear bud. Get your own pair now on liGo!