In their quest to give business professionals and others frequently subjected to the strains of all-day headset wear, Sennheiser has an exciting new offering just over the horizon.

Announced in mid-November, the new Sennheiser D 10 is a single-ear wireless DECT headset. It features an extremely small profile and lightweight feel, with a single-sided design which can be adjusted for which ear it is used on. Taking plenty of measures towards comfort and conforming to some of the needs of a long-duration wear device, the D 10 is highly refined and ready for the professional environment.


Sennheiser Sound

Often finding itself as the apple of many audiophiles eye, Sennheiser is no stranger to high quality audio. They manage to imbue all of their products with a stunning crystal-clear audio which makes all of their products – the D 10 included, we hope – stand out from the crowd.

This new headset is touted to include some of Sennheiser's most modern technologies, like their ActiveGuard acoustic shock prevention system which prevents the headsets from producing too loud volumes or sudden changes in volume which could be damaging to the ears. Also featured on the D 10 is a noise cancelling microphone, perfect for blocking out background noise or ambient sounds which might reduce call quality.

Plenty Of Compatibility

Connecting via USB the D 10 will be compatible with a range of computers, soft phone programs and certain desk phones featuring USB connections. However, a lot of power lies in its DECT compatibility, which instantly allows it to be used with a range of cordless DECT devices such as phones.

Designed to be a no-hassle solution for modern office professionals by the exceptional engineers behind Sennheiser, it looks like there might be a bright future for the D 10. Look forward to this promising new addition to Sennheiser's existing catalogue of excellent products.