Looking for an affordable yet reliable cordless phone solution? Gigaset has your back with their range of affordably priced and impressively well manufactured mid-ranged cordless phones, a shining example of which is the Siemens Gigaset C610A, which we  thought so exceptional as to give it its own bit of a feature here today.

Designed to be a highly practical device capable of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday usage, the C610A incorporates a variety of features to first and foremost provide an impressively call quality but also to enhance the phones usefulness and user experience with some handy functions.

Delving Into The Details

Looking at the C610A, we are immediately greeted by its friendly full colour 1.8” display, which is the portal to accessing the phones many features. Incorporating an integrated digital answering machine (which can be accessed via the handset or the base,) the C610A is a one-stop, all-in-one solution for anyone looking for an all around device to serve as their homes communication backbone.


A few neat features of the Gigaset C610A are so rare among phones in this bargain price range that they are definitely worth a mention. The C610A can double as a baby monitor, which will automatically dial a specified phone number should the noise level pass a certain level and provide audio monitoring over the phone line – a bit of long-distance monitoring potential which could be a great supplement to another monitor or an easy solution in a pinch. The phone also incorporates a Do Not Disturb feature which can be set on a timer to block calls between certain hours when you'd prefer to be left free of the ringing of phones.

Keep Track Of Names And Numbers

On the C610A we find several helpful features for keeping track of calls, names and numbers. The phones integrated contact list lets you add up to 3 numbers per contact entry, email addresses, special ring tones and more. You can even configure VIP contacts which can call even if the phones Do Not Disturb mode is enabled and still get through – letting you keep in touch with the most important people in your phone book.

c610A_side...And More!

There are plenty of other features offered up by the C610A (a loudspeaker on the handset for conference or hands-free calling, easy call management including call transfer between handsets, hold with music, two-way recording, ring tones... the list goes on) but it would be almost rude to go into too much detail here. Experience the C610A first hand to delve through its many possibilities and helpful features.