The BT 6600 is an impressive all-round cordless phone for the home with BT’s latest Nuisance Call Blocking features. The design is a much improved and sleeker restyling of the previous model – the BT 6500 – itself a top-rated set of home phones.

Call blocking - now at the touch of a button

The most notable improvement to the BT 6600 is the inclusion of a “One Touch Call Block” button on the handset, simplifying the process of blacklisting nuisance callers. You can push the button when you see an incoming call from an unwanted number or during the call if you have already answered. The BT 6600 has the capacity to block up to 100 specific numbers (10x more than previously), and still provides protection against most cold calls by allowing you to block by type (eg. Withheld, International, etc.).

BT 6600 Call Blocking

Advanced answering machine

One of the best things about the answering machine on the BT 6600 is the Visual Voicemail feature, which allows you to access details of the callers who’ve left messages on your phone and select the ones you want to listen to first. And it provides all the basic functionality you would expect – record your own message, ample memory (up to 30 minutes), and playback from handset and/or base.

Noteworthy features

There is a whole host of features to take advantage of. From call screening to automatic phonebook sharing (*when you have more than one handset) the BT 6600 has you covered with all the features you could want in a home phone:
• Range up to 50 metres (indoors); up to 300 metres outdoors
• Phonebook memory for up to 200 contacts (3 numbers per entry)
• 1.8” Large backlit display
• Integrated hands-free loudspeaker
• Parental controls (restrict outgoing calls to premium numbers by PIN)

Available now

The BT 6600 is available to order from our site now. Or you can shop from our full range of cordless phones here.