It is a common assumption among professional photographers that the camera on your smartphone, no matter how advanced, cannot compare to a professional DSLR (Digital Single-Lens reflex) camera in terms of quality and detailing.

Although smartphone cameras cannot rival fully equipped DSLRs, there are new technical developments (photo apps) that can be incorporated in them to make their images come amazingly close to matching the standards of professional photography, provided the appropriate accessories are used along with the mobile phone.

Here are some essential smartphone accessories you can use to enhance your photography experience:

1. Triggertrap

This is an iOS and Android app that lets you control your DSLR from your smartphone, with the two connected via a cord. The app is free to download, after which you can access a variety of modes, including time-lapse, face-detection trigger, distance-lapse, sound trigger, motion trigger, standard trigger, and customisable HDR, among others, depending on your phone OS. The hardware components are available on the official website, as well as on Amazon, so make sure you find the one that corresponds to your camera.


2. Viewfinder

This is an iPhone accessory that cuts the glare on sunny days, which usually stops you from getting an accurate view of what you are trying to capture. You attach the Viewfinder to your iPhone screen, via a screw-on suction pad, to serve as an eyepiece - like the one on your DSLR. The piece attaches itself temporarily without leaving unwanted marks on your screen. You should also download and install the free Daylight viewfinder app from the Apple Store to access some convenient camera controls for better photography.

3. Olloclip 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 5/5S

00001332The latest version of the Olloclip for the iPhone now comes with fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro lenses. The 15x lens was not included in the previous 3-in-1 version, so you can enjoy extreme close-up photography with focal distances of 18mm and 12mm from the 10x and 15x lenses respectively. The fisheye lets you capture images in a 180-degree field of view, while the wide-angle lens doubles the field of view, being capable of some amazing shots.


4. Klyp by Manfrotto for iPhone

This is a continuous day-light balanced LED panel that lets you take photos and videos in poor lighting conditions. It comes with a KLYP case that stays on your phone at all times, while the snap-on adaptor that carries the light can be attached easily when you need it, and removed when you don’t.


5. The Optrix XD5 for iPhone

This is an elegant, slim, crush proof, and waterproof uni-body housing that helps to improve the HD video of your iPhone, so you can capture action sports more conveniently. The XD5 comes with a 175 wide-angle lens to increase your iPhone’s 120-degree lens angle, giving you a true wide-screen experience when taking photos or video. You can capture amazing photos and videos up to a depth of 9 metres. You can also access your homescreen, meaning that you can use other apps while taking pictures or videos.


Most smartphone camera accessories are designed for use with iPhones, though there are some that can work with other devices, like the Sony Zoom lens and sensor combo (QX10 and QX100) that clip onto your iOS or Android smartphone, allowing you take distant images better. For better sound quality when recording videos, you may consider the iRig MIC Cast for iPhone and Android.