Headset accessories are increasing in variety from a range of cords and connectors to jacks and ports.  With so much available, keeping up with it can be a challenge and rather confusing.  To help out, we have provided a list of 11 essentials, featuring all the cords and connectors that go along with your headset.  There is a lot you can do with a headset and these helpful accessories make at it all possible.

RJ9 Modular Connector - Also known as a 4P4C, the RJ9 connector is the industry standard for wired handsets.  Though primarily used to make a connection from the base to the handset, it also connects a phone to your headset or headset amplifier.

RJ11 Modular Connector - The RJ11 module connector is found in most homes that use a land line, providing a connection for analog phones from the wall jack.

2.5mm Mini Jacks - Mini jacks often come included with mobile phones.  They allow you to connect your headset to cordless and mobile phones.

3.5mm / 1/8 inch Mini Jacks - These mini jacks are great for mobile communications, allowing you to connect your headset or microphone to portable audio devices.

Stereo Adapter - Rock out in your headsets with a pair of mini jacks.  These can be connected to mixing equipment and guitar amps.  They typically come in the sizes of 6.35mm, 6.4 mm and 1/4 inch.

USB Cable - Computers have become a common appliance in the modern day household.  With a USB cable you can connect your headset to a computer and receive connectivity for VoIP and Outlook.

RCA Connector - We’re all familiar with these red, yellow and white cables as they are common audio/video accessories.  RCA connectors provide a connection for your headset to an AV receiver and a wide variety of Hi-Fi equipment.

Quick Disconnect Cord - This accessory has many uses but is perfect for your headset.  Use a Quick Disconnect Cord to connect your corded headset to an amplifier.

Two Prong Adapter - The two prong adapter enables a universal connection, allowing you to plug your corded or wireless headset into a two prong telephone system.

Polaris Connector - This accessory offers the best of both worlds, combining the functionality of an RJ9 connecter and a Quick Disconnect cord.  The Quick Disconnect end connects to your headset while the RJ9 connects to your phone.

Mini USB Cable - Similar to its counterpart, the mini USB cable has a wide range of uses.  It provides a connection between your headset and mobile phone and can also charge some mobile phones.