There are plenty of attractive features offered by a quality electric shaver. They can save quite a bit of time on your shaving routine, they can offer a consistent and close shave, they are easy to use, rechargeable, replacement blades let them stay fresh and ready to give a great shave every time. But, are they better for sensitive skin?

Anyone who suffers from the dread razor burn knows not to tempt the painful possibilities of this ailment, which can leave you with a face full of pain and a cherry red complexion. Other sensitive skin issues also present, leading a variety of people to seek for any remedy to keep them clean shaven but without the pain.

So, the question presents itself: are electric shavers better than traditional razors for sensitive skin? Let's explore this issue a bit.

The Benefits Of Consistency

From the perspective of sensitive skin, the offering of consistency in shaving offered by an electric shaver is something quite favourable. Because the shaver makes very precise and careful regular motions across the skin, an electric shaver doesn't cause the small cuts and nicks common to even the most careful groomer. This also means, for the most part, no razor burn at all. While not every electric shaver might present these full capabilities, quality electric shavers certainly do. They can often provide a more precise and pain-free shave which manages to be just as close or closer still than traditional razors.

foilshaver_largeTypes Of Electric Shaver Head

There is some variety in the type of shaver head, which changes the mechanism by which the shaving action is provided. There are two main types: foil electric shavers and rotary electric shavers. Rotary models are sometimes prone to catching and pulling out the hairs while shaving, instead of providing a clean cut. This can cause irritation and pain even for those without typically sensitive skin, and spell serious issues for those who do. Mostly for this reason, foil electric razor heads are preferred for sufferers of sensitive skin.

Rotary and Foil Electric Shavers

Rotary electric shavers do tend to handle longer hair better, so for those maintaining a beard they may be the better option. For those looking for a super close shave without irritating the skin too much, the foil electric shaver is definitely the way to go.

Wet or Dry?

Electric shaver heads are sold as “wet” or “dry” models, or “wet/dry” offering both capabilities. This refers to the shavers ability to be used with shaving cream. For sensitive skin, shaving cream should always be utilised, so definitely look for a wet or wet/dry shaver. Shaving cream softens the hair making it easy to cut, helps to prevent catching or tangling, provides a bit of essential lubrication to prevent friction, and often contains soothing agents such as aloe to help the skin recover from any minor traumas and irritation.

The Final Conclusion

In the end, is an electric shaver really better for sensitive skin? We have to conclude yes, it is indeed. We recommend, as outlined above, a foil wet/dry shaver used with shaving cream as the ideal solution for a close shave with sensitive skin. Also, be sure to check out our "Top Tips for Shaving Sensitive Skin" for more a gentle shave.