If you have been struggling to get a good Wi-Fi reception in your house, even with the use of Wi-Fi extenders, then it’s time to give the BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 a try.

BT has impressed the consumer market recently with its home networking kits, first the exceptional BT Home Hub 5, followed by the BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500. The latter kit stands out right out of the box, owing to its chic matt black finish that makes a pleasant change from the cliche glossy white of a good number of alternative Powerline kits.


More important than the attractive design is what the hotspot 500 package delivers, including:

Optimised broadband use

One of its adaptors includes Wi-Fi, which allows you to easily and conveniently extend your wireless network from a broadband connection. It also comes with a second Fast Ethernet socket for users to connect two wired devices, so you can enjoy the broadband experience from any point in your home using any wired or wireless device.

Effortless Setup

img-wifi-home-hotspotThe setup is very straightforward. On the back of the Wi-Fi adaptor is a little slot that holds a tiny removable card with network details on letting you plug-in, walk-away, and then connect. Basically, you plug the base unit into the mains supply near the router, attach the adaptor via Ethernet cable, and then plug in the other adaptor in the room with your wired devices, or create a new Wi-Fi hotspot for faster Wi-Fi for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Secure Handling

The Wi-Fi is already secured, so you are freed from this obligation, and all you have to do is log into your wireless hotspot and browse. Additionally, the adaptor supports WPS – Wi-Fi Protected Setup for easy, one-touch connection, which is ideal for providing quick connections, like for a guest’s phone.

Speeds to expect from your Powerline Kit

BT offers a wide range of Broadband Extenders that employ Powerline technology to convert your home’s power lines into a simple and fast home network for contemporary entertainment gadgets that demand a fast internet connection. The Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 kit comes with add-ons for easy expansion to connect as many wired or wireless devices as you need to your home network.

However, you should note that the 500Mbps speeds are theoretical maximums that cannot be achieved in real-life because of multiple factors including the age and set up of your power cabling, circuit breakers, distance from the router, and other electrical interferences on the lines, including power chargers.

Nevertheless, you are still guaranteed of exceptional internet speeds that are much faster than the standard home Wi-Fi, which is adequate for most needs.