Remember the walkie talkies of old?  You know, the ones that helped pass the time by supporting communications to your mate across the room?  The Doro WT87 walkie talkies give off a similar feel with greatly enhanced functionality.  Small and cool as ever, these two way radios are feature-rich and even more fun.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The most impressive feature of the Doro WT87 is the range.  With 10km, you can cover a lot of ground and carry on some good conversations with your cousin who lives down the road.  The range on these powerful walkie talkies is invaluable when considering how you can enjoy crystal clear communications for free.

The WT87 walkie talkies come with rechargeable batteries and a convenient charging stand.  Additionally, they include headsets and allow you to transmit on a number of different channels.  The radios are more like phones as they pack a small LCD display, a battery indicator and a variety of key tones.  Aside from all the great technology packed into the devices, the Doro WT87 walkie talkies easily clip to your belt and are so lightweight that you probably will not even remember you are carrying them.  Don’t worry, the rubber grips are nicely placed and assure a snug, secure fit.

Benefits for the Whole Family

The best thing about the WT87 is that they offer many benefits to parents and children, especially if you live in a small town.  Just think, the kids can cut back on all those cell phone minutes and you can get in touch with them when they are in the area.  You can also spare yourself of walking to the intercom or screaming for someone to take out the trash.  This offers convenience and saves you a little money on the phone bill as well.

Taking a family trip?  These walkie talkies would be perfect.  Instead of synchronizing your watches, you guys can split up and all gather at the meet up spot - no excuses.  Another great way to stay in touch with the family while saving money and having a little fun in the process.

The WT87 walkie talkies also come with other useful features such as the auto channel scan, auto power save and easy to use volume control.   You can ensure privacy with the vast amount of channels, offering more opportunities for different levels of fun.  This is a huge relief when you know the kids are using them too.


The Doro WT87 two way radios aren’t for everyone but could serve many benefits to a family.  The fact that they are affordable and can actually help to keep some money in your pocket makes them even more attractive.