Swedish manufacturer Doro specializes in making modern easy-to-use mobile phones and related devices. Last year saw them into the Android market with a straightforward touchscreen smartphone; the Liberto 810; and next month, Doro is expected to release another four new mobile phones aimed at older users:

Liberto 650

Liberto 650

The Doro Liberto 650 will be the company's first Web ­enabled feature phone, allowing users to browse the Internet using the mobile 3G connections supported by all major network providers. The phone uses a clamshell design, allowing users to answer and end calls simply by flipping the phone open or closed.

PhoneEasy 613

The addition of the Doro PhoneEasy 613 to the product line­up brings a stylish new clamshell phone available in a variety of different colours. It also provides an easy-­to­-use camera allowing users to take photos using a single direct access button.

PhoneEasy 508

The Doro PhoneEasy 508 boasts a candy­bar design with a clear visual display and an extremely simple set of controls combined with crisp and clear audio. This phone will be made available in a variety of colours as well, including glossy black, graphite and white. More information and images are available at this website.

580 508

Secure 580

Finally, there will be the dual­-SIM mobile phone from Doro's Care product line­up, the Doro Secure 580. Designed with the elderly in mind, this phone allows for the delivery of both Telecare and standard mobile services simultaneously. The device will also provide support for both GSM and 3G mobile services for wider network coverage.

During the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona this year, Doro also revealed that it is currently working on its third smartphone, the Doro Liberto 820.