Let's be honest, the lineup of Doro AUB corded phones will not win anyone over on appearance alone.  They are however, efficient and pack features that make them versatile and reliable business phones.  These phones don’t pull any punches; no-nonsense, durable units backed by warranties of up to 10 years.  With guarantees like this, its no wonder why so many people have turned to Doro to get their business done.

Solid on Power, Solid on Value

The Doro AUB 200 is the perfect solution for someone who demands functionality.  This unit is compatible with a headset, can hold 10 numbers in the memory, offers three different speed dial buttons and up to three monographic ringtones.  Those who want a business phone with less maintenance can benefit greatly from the Doro AUB 200 H EasyClean.  The name says it all as the phone is designed for easy cleaning to coincide with your tidy office setting.  Here is the neat part - the touch buttons are situated within a sealed membrane keypad, allowing you to spray and clean the device without damaging its internal organs.  The socket for the headset receives similar protection while a magnetic hook assures that no moving parts are damaged when cleaning out the handset cradle.

The Ultimate Business Solution

The AUB 300 is Doro’s top of the line business phone.  This unit offers user-friendliness, a wealth of features and the durable design the manufacturer is known for.  Notable attributes are a line-powered LCD screen equipped with caller ID, nine monographic ringtones, easy on-hook dialing capability, 16 options for speed dialincg and a socket for your headset.  The AUB 300 also packs a hands-free speaker that gets the job done when you need a little mobility.

Easy to use, economical and able to take a licking and keep on ticking, the Doro business phones alleviate the stress from everyday communications.  You may not brag about overall aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find them simply adorable.