Swedish manufacturer Doro specialises in fuss-free, easy to use technology that gets back to what phones were originally all about – call convenience and sound quality. We recently published our review of Doro’s PhoneEasy 615 – however that’s by no means the only model they’ve currently got on the market. Mobiles, landline handsets, accessories and apps are all available via Doro – but with one clear theme running through the whole product range. That revolves around ease of use and value adding features for senior or incapacitated users. Here’s our round up of what they are and why they matter.

doro easy

Amplified sound: All Doro PhoneEasy models offer the ability to turn up the sound if you’re hard of hearing or in a noisy spot. But crucially, you can do this without any loss of sound quality.

Big buttons: They’re not just big, they’re separated, raised and have a concave finish. That makes the PhoneEasy range comfortable and easy to use even if you don’t have nimble fingers.

Adjustable display size: Models like the Doro PhoneEasy 615 have a large display as standard – but you can also make the display even larger if eyesight is an issue. Mst of their models also feature variety of adjustable themes and colour schemes to suit any number of visual impairments.

Easy menusdoro Amplified sound: Here’s something we particularly love about the Doro PhoneEasy – you can work out exactly how to use it without complex instructions. This is a range of phones that gets back to the good old days of simple, intuitive menus – plus you can hide any options you don’t use to make life even easier.


Hearing aid compatibility: Not only do Doro PhoneEasy phones work with hearing aids, you can also adjust the sound tone and frequency to compensate for different levels of hearing loss.

Emergency and security functions: All Doro PhoneEasy models feature an emergency button on the back of the phone. This sounds an alarm in case of distress as well as texting and calling up to 5 pre-assigned numbers. That’s complemented in some models by an “in case of emergency” facility that can store vital personal and medical information.

doro Hearing aid compatibility

Add to this an ergonomic design for comfortable grip plus a flip-top format that protects against accidental calls, and you have a range of phones that are unashamedly traditional in design, yet advanced in their ability to cater for the needs of those who are elderly, visually or audibly impaired.

Doro PhoneEasy models and other Doro products are available online at significantly discounted prices here.