The Doro PhoneEasy 715 Review

The Doro 715 is an easy to use mobile with a convenient slide out design, and integrated 2.0MP camera. Offering basic functionality, hearing aid compatibility, extra large buttons, volume and display; the PhoneEasy 715 is an ideal choice if you're simply looking for a mobile that is simple and functional. It also boasts a stylish design in addition to it's reliable and practical qualities, as do many of Doro's Sim-Free Mobiles.

Doro PhoneEasy 715 Mobile

Sound quality

The sound on the Doro 715 is remarkably clear, and the maximum volume (both for the ringer and ear-piece or loudspeaker when on calls) is substantially louder than a normal mobile. There is a headset included along with the phone, which you can use to talk hands-free and to access the FM radio feature.

Doro 715 MobileEase-of-use

A large display makes the 715 clear and easy to read, and the font size can be increased. The menu is layout is effectively simple, and the user manual that comes with the phone is very straightforward to follow. The handset features a slide design, which works very well; preventing unwanted dialling and enabling calls to be answered by sliding it open and ended by sliding the phone shut.


Chances are that if you’re interested in the Doro 715 then you’re not going to be overly bothered by the features (or lack thereof). It is a simple mobile for calls and texts (which it does well), and not much else. There is an in-built camera (2.0MP) that provides clear images on the phone and can be used to update the background wallpaper or sent to your contacts via MMS (however, don’t expect to be able to print any of your shots).

The 715 is compatible with the majority of digital hearing aids, and for especially vulnerable users there is an emergency call button on the rear, which when pressed will send an emergency text to all contacts in the pre-determined emergency phone list before automatically dialling each of them until the call is answered.


The Doro PhoneEasy 715 is an excellent easy to use mobile that is stylish enough to appeal to anyone that may be self-conscious about making the switch to a mobile with larger buttons and louder volume. For a limited time only the white version of this mobile will be available for a promotional price of £39.99 on our Amazon store. Take advantage of this discount while stocks last, and order your Doro 715 now.