The Doro PhoneEasy 624 is an easy-to-use flip-style mobile phone. Designed to make life easier for older mobile users, the handset features all the staples of Doro phones: big buttons, extra loud volume, clear display with large font, and an In Case of Emergency (ICE) button for more vulnerable users. Added benefits include a 2.0MP camera, 3G, Bluetooth, and an FM Radio. Available in 3 colours, we put it through its paces to find out whether it passes the liGo test.

Design & build

The handset as you might expect features a fairly simple clam-shell design, with a small LCD display on the outer side for the time. On the right-hand side are volume keys, and on the opposite side is a 2.5mm headset jack and micro-USB slot for charging. On the rear is the ICE button as well as a deceptively powerful speaker for the ringer and hands-free.

Doro PhoneEasy 624
When the handset is flipped open there is a large user-friendly colour screen, and the keypad. The PhoneEasy 624 doesn’t feature the biggest buttons we’ve come across but they are larger than normal and spaced apart for added ease of use. Above the numbers there are quick access keys (2 you can assign numbers to for quick dialling), camera button to launch the camera app, and a message key to open text messages. The overall build quality of the PhoneEasy 624 is good, there is a nice weight and feel to it. It is slightly more chunky than the Liberto 650 but still looks stylish.

Sound quality

The audio quality of the Doro PhoneEasy 624 is superb. On our test calls the clarity was good, and the volume when set to maximum is noticeably louder than you would get on a standard phone.

The audio quality of the Doro PhoneEasy 624 is superb

The speaker on the rear delivers great volume and sound quality in the hands-free speaker mode, and also projects the volume of your chosen ringtone (there are a good number to choose from but not all will appeal) far louder than a normal phone. There is also space to attach the included earphones (worthwhile getting a decent pair if intending to use this facility); and the handset further benefits from being Hearing Aid Compatible so won’t cause any issues if you or your loved one is a wearer.


Doro PhoneEasy 624 The Doro PhoneEasy 624 is not likely to impress Smartphone enthusiasts with its scaled down feature set. It has been designed for ease of use and offers up basic functionality. Besides, Doro has an excellent easy-to-use Smartphone for anyone interested in making the plunge. That is not to say that the 624 has nothing to offer:


Integrated on the outershell is a 2.0MP Camera; the same as found on the Liberto 650 which we were pleasantly surprised with. Ideal for snapping the occasional shot and sharing with friends and family, which can be done via MMS.

Doro Experience Manager

The handset has 3G integrated but does not come with a web browser; instead the 3G connection is used so that the mobile can be set-up and managed remotely. We've used this tool before and it is a straightforward way to help someone who may struggle to with certain features. It can also be used to view and share your photos.

Additional benefits

In addition to facilitating Doro Experience Manager, 3G can also be used to get up to date information on your local weather. Users can also take advantage of alarm, calendar, FM radio, phonebook, speed dialling, and more.


There is no denying that the Doro PhoneEasy 624 is a good easy-to-use mobile. It handles well, features larger than average buttons, a clear display and simple user interface. The clam-shell design protects against accidental dialling and aids answering and sending calls; whilst the sound quality and volume is excellent for calls and ringer. At £109.99 it is reasonably priced, however, you get more for your money with their Liberto 650 (which I also think is a more stylish option).