Doro has become known in the smart phone community for their devices which attempt to make the myriad of benefits inherent in owning a smart phone more accessible for the elderly. Their devices are great for those who might have disabilities which make it hard to operate a phone, such as low dexterity or poor eyesight.

The clever folks at Doro have also incorporated a few features to make the devices simpler to use – such as streamlining the interface and incorporating the ability for the device to be controlled remotely. This ability to access a Doro device from another device, such as a smart phone or even web browsers, allows a user to assist their perhaps less tech-savvy relatives when using their Doro phone.

doroappAccess Your Doro Device

With the My Doro Manager App, users can access Doro devices such as their smart phones and tablets remotely. This allows users to take more or less complete control over the phone – configure the devices settings, make changes to the phones applications, and more. Putting this control over the phone in a system which can be remotely changed by another users adds a whole extra level of simplicity and ease of use to a Doro device. If, for example, a family purchases a Doro device for a grandparent new to smart phones.

The device will be simple enough to use for a complete smart phone new comer to navigate, but should any trouble arise, help is only a phone call away. Calling up their son, the grandparent gets the changes to the phone needed without them having to actually physically use the device, saving everyone time and hassle.

Sharing, Configuring, Updating And More

A perk of Doro's Manager capabilities is how easily it allows the device to share content. Simply access the device remotely to easily download files to be shared on social networks or sent to computers. Doro also offers their Experience software to provide a super simple way to share photos and important information such as calendar events from a Doro device.

It also incorporates a cloud back up system, giving you a sure place to store things outside of the phone itself, meaning that even if the phone should be lost, stolen or damaged, the photos, notes, schedules etc will still be available online in the cloud.

Easy To Use

In line with Doro's commitment to making technology highly accessible, the My Doro Manager App is easy to use from an Android device or via any web browser. Simply login by choosing the model of phone and using a username and password set at the time the phone was activated. Instantly, you'll have complete access to the features on any Doro device registered to the provided username. Seamlessly update contacts, download photos, add reminders, manage calendars, change phone configuration settings, add or remove apps, add games or update web radio and more. All changes are live and can take place any time the Doro device is connected to data or WiFi.

Helpful For Learners

The My Doro Manager App is a perfect compliment for any first time smart phone user trying to get the feel for using the device and its many features and possible configurations. With Doro Manager, it becomes simple for a more experienced friend or family member to reset any unwanted changes or configure the device in the manner desired. It allows device users a freedom to operate and explore the possibilities of their smart phone without worrying about causing problems they won't be able to fix immediately. With the help of Doro Manager, physical proximity is no longer required for changes to be made, letting users who need help save their helpers valuable time and freeing them from hassles.