This week we have been talking about some of the most innovative products shown at the week long IFA conference in Berlin. Smartwatches, projectors, smart home and much more was on show.

Now we are going to look at a company who ligo have supported for many years, Doro. You will be forgiven for never hearing of this company, they don’t make a big song and dance about their products, they simply let them speak for themselves.


Doro cater to a very specific, but no less important, demographic, and that is those who have experienced more from life than most, the elderly. Their phones tend to need big buttons, clear displays and a very simple user interface.

Don't expect Doro to make a very basic phone, recently they moved into developing smartphones for this generation of users, the first being the Doro 810 (see review here) and it was an instant hit. Good looking with great features you'd expect from a standard smartphone.

Doro had several phones on show at IFA, which we will go into look at throughout the month. Today we will take a peek at their new flagship phone, and update to the Liberto 810, the Doro Liberto 820,

At IFA they showed their continued commitment to giving their customers the best smartphone, designed specifically for their needs, for a good price.



The Liberto 820 is slimmer than it’s predecessor and packs a larger screen, allowing for bigger icons and a clearer display. It still has the physical buttons for back, home and menu, however these are of a much sleeker design that the previous generation of this model.

The screen is is 4.5” and has a resolution of 940 x 560, making it nice and clear to read and to compose photographs.


The next improvement over the 810 is the camera. This time around they have put in a 8.0 megapixel with autofocus. The liberto 810 was chastised for having a poor quality camera, we have yet to get our hands on the new Liberto 820 to compare but I imagine they have taken steps to address this.


Doro_Liberto_820_black_silver_in_cradle_rightThe Liberto 820 runs off of the latest android 4.4.2, with Doro's proprietary skin over the top of it to ensure easy of use. Although it still has access to the full Google Play Store.

The much heralded remote management from the previous phone is still there, this allows for a friend or relative to adjust the screen layout, install/remove apps and update contacts, easily from their own PC.

The phone also features automatic 500MB backing up of photos and information as well as handy guides to using all of the features.



This is Doro’s second attempt at a smartphone and they have managed to improve upon the first, while still keeping the core values of a simple to use phone for the older generation.

The doro Liberto 820 is expected to release at the end of October along with a full hands-on review soon.