Designed to simplify the smart phone user experience, the Doro Liberto 820 is an ideal device for the elderly or users who are unfamiliar with smart phones. To make the device simple and intuitive to use, it features a user friendly interface designed for smart phone new comers. The simplified interface acts to streamline the process and is combined with over sized menu items for easy visibility and a clear and concise layout which doesn't present too many options which might confuse.

Android Simplified

The Doro Liberto 820, similar to its predecessor the Liberto 810, operates Google's Android operating system. To allow for the simplified, user-friendly interface of the Liberto, Doro has somewhat modified the Android operating system. However, the changes made have been careful to preserve compatibility, making the Liberto fully ready to run Android apps and must have services such as Maps, YouTube and so forth.

An example of the modifications made for the sake of simplicity is the Liberto's home screen. The phone features a single paged screen with a basic Google search bar, some weather information, and three exaggeratedly large buttons to access messages, phone and camera services.

A Look At The Specs

Being a device designed for ease of use, the Liberto provides three physical buttons below the touch screen interface to make interacting with the device a simpler task. These buttons (menu, home and back) make navigating menus easy and make newcomers less likely to get stuck in an app or unable to find their way back.


The 4.5 inch touch screen is the main method of interacting with the phone. The screen has a resolution of 940 x 560 and is quite bright for easy visibility. An 8 megapixel auto-focus camera makes for easy photography and the microSD expandable memory slot allows the phone to hold up to 32GB of data. Fully equipped for use with WiFi and ready to use with GPS systems.

Making Learning Easy

Doro has not only taken aims to simplify the interface: they have also provided a wealth of helpful tutorials in the phones core features. These tutorials guide users, in real time, through the use of functions such as messaging, using the phone, organising contact lists, taking pictures and other basic smart phone actions. Each tutorial can be skipped or repeated at any time and shows users a step-by-step method to using their devices different features.

A Digital Companion

The Doro Companion app is an Android app which allows users to seamlessly take control over another users Liberto device. This is perfect for helping new comers or the elderly to get used to using the phone and allows them to get assistance with their device even when help might be physically quite far away. Using the companion app, a user can adjust settings on the phone from another device, completely remotely.

A Doro Liberto 820 makes a thoughtful gift idea for your elderly friends or relatives.