As we’ve covered previously in this blog the Doro Liberto 810 is an easy to use Android Smartphone, which has been designed specifically for older mobile users. The quality of Doro's range of easy-to-use mobiles has impressed us in the past and the feedback we've had from our customers is consistently positive, so we were keen to get our hands on the Liberto 810 and put it to the test.


At first glance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the Liberto 810 for any other Smartphone; it looks and feels very sleek with its smooth lines and large 4.0” display. The only discernible clue that it’s been tailored for older users are three large-ish and well spaced physical keys beneath the screen, which have a rubberised coating. The design makes the Liberto 810 comfortable to hold and easy to use single-handed. The power button, along with the micro-USB slot for charging and a headset jack are located along the top of the handset; and there is a volume control, which protrudes slightly on the left-hand side.

Doro Liberto 810 5

Sound quality

Loss of hearing is a problem that begins to affect many in later life, so it is not surprising that the Liberto 810 performed well when it came to sound quality. There are a good selection of pre-installed ringtones and melodies to choose from, and the volume should be loud enough to hear from the bottom of a handbag or another room when set to max. On calls the voice quality is very clear and there are seven volume levels to choose from. When using the hands-free loudspeaker, the sound reproduction is a little tinny but overall quite good.


Doro Liberto 810 6Doro have used Android 4.1 as the Operating System (OS) for the Liberto 810, which has been overlaid with their customised interface offering a straightforward and easy to use menu layout that is similar to previous Doro phones. There are four pages of 6 x 6 icons in large text (the only font-sizes available are medium and large) and a homescreen, which offers quick access to three primary contacts, the phone function, messaging, and the camera. It certainly comes in at the lower end of the processing power market but is responsive enough and performs well.

Perhaps one of the most useful features for those who are especially uncomfortable with technology is ‘remote management’, which allows the handset's menu layout, contacts, and apps to be organised and set-up online. We found this feature to be very easy to use, and it means that tech savvy family or friends can help with set-up from their own computers if you experience any problems. Having said that, upon switching the Liberto 810 on for the first time an on-screen set-up guide appears, which shows you the basics (and can be accessed from settings menu for reference at any time).

Screen and camera

The Liberto 810 has a 4.0 inch display with a resolution of only 800 x 480, which is about standard for a smartphone at this price (although Motorola manages to cram in a 1,281 x 720 HD display into their similarly priced Moto G). Whilst the screen is sufficiently bright and clear for basic use; don’t expect to be blown away by the viewing quality of images or videos. On the rear of the Liberto 810 is a 5.0MP camera, which will disappoint anyone hoping to make the most out of it (the quality is decidedly poor as can be seen from the picture, below right) with photos appearing grainy and the camera struggling with both colours and contrast. It is uncomplicated to use and might be OK for the occasional casual snap to share online, but you shouldn't expect to be able to print out any of your captures.

Liberto 810 - Screen & Camera

We downloaded the free Skype app on the Google Play Store and tested the quality of making video calls with the front-facing camera, which was a fairly smooth experience. The image quality is nothing to shout home about but is more than adequate for spending some face to face time with distant friends or family.


Doro set out to make an accessible Smartphone for an older demographic, and have delivered just that. The Liberto 810 may not come with many bells and whistles but is a well designed, easy to use Smartphone that would be well-suited to first-time Android users.

The Doro Liberto 810 is to order online now for £139.99 with Free UK Delivery.

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