The ubiquitous Smartphone is fast taking over as the means of communication for a lot of people, with the number of mobile internet users in the developing world set to overtake those in the developed world for the first time this year as reported in the Guardian. But as is often the case with technology; the majority of Smartphones released are targeted and made for a younger demographic. Thankfully Swedish manufacturer Doro is picking up the slack with their niche easy-to-use Touchscreen Smartphone – the Liberto 810 – making it simpler for those in their twilight years to embrace the advent of social media.

Doro Liberto 810

What does the Liberto 810 offer?

Whilst the average response time of 0.7 seconds for icons on iPhone is quicker than the average response time of someone aged over 65; the touchscreen on the Doro Liberto 810 has been adapted for older users and is powered by SwiftKey, which learns and adapts to the way an individual user types. The Android 4.1 OS has been overlaid with Doro’s specially design user-interface to make it familiar to previous owners of Doro mobiles and equally straightforward for new adopters. It also has three ‘real keys’ – back, menu, and homescreen so that users don’t need to rely solely on the touchscreen.

Mobile internet made easy

Once in possession, Liberto 810 users can enjoy access to any number of apps via the Google Play store; the handset comes with a few pre-selected apps installed (YouTube, Google Mail) and a microSD slot to expand the memory up to 32GB. It also boasts a 5.0MP camera so that you can start sharing your photos online; via email, messaging Apps such as Whatsapp, or via social media like Facebook.

Doro Liberto 810 Android Apps

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