The Liberto 650 is one of the latest mobiles phones to be released by Swedish company, Doro, who specialise in well-designed easy to use products for the elderly. The follows in the footsteps of some of Doro’s best-selling mobiles (such as the PhoneEasy 622); boasting a clam-shell or flip design. It is 3G enabled, boasts a 2.0 MP camera, and large colour display placing it between the most basic of phones and higher-end smartphones.

Design & build

The Doro Liberto 650 is a stylishly understated mobile that looks and feels well made. It is not quite as chunky as previous flip phones in their catalogue but still large enough to be used comfortably in the hands of those with less than nimble fingers. There are two LED icons on the outer-shell: an envelope, which lights up green when you have a new message or missed call and a battery icon, which lights red when the battery is low (or charging). Running along the left-side of the handset are two sockets (mini-USB for charging the phone, and a 3.5mm jack for headphones).It feels comfortable to hold, although  it is hard to open and close single-handed; it can be done with the right momentum, but using both hands is definitely the safest option.

Liberto 650 4

When you flip the Liberto 650 open you are met with the large colour display (320 x 240px) and the well-spaced keypad (the buttons of which lie almost flush but have a decent surface area and are easy to press). Overall, the design of the Liberto 650 is very good; practical, stylish, and easy to use.

Sound quality

We’re yet to come across a Doro mobile that doesn’t perform well and the Liberto 650 is not an exception to break the rule. The ringer when set to maximum is decidedly loud, and the clarity of sound when on a call is excellent.

The clarity of excellent

It also boasts an integrated loudspeaker (activated automatically with the ICE function, discussed further) that delivers sounds of up to >83dB at a distance of 1 metre. Whether you have problems with your hearing or not, you won’t have any problems when it comes to sound quality or volume.


Liberto 650 5As it has been designed for simplicity there are very few features on the Doro Liberto 650; obviously it can be used to make and receive calls, and text messages. It also boasts standard applications such as an in-built Calendar, Alarm Clock, and Phonebook. Added extras include a 2.0MP Camera, which was not as bad as we had been expecting (perfectly acceptable for sharing an occasional snap with friends or family, but wouldn’t do for anyone serious about taking pictures with their mobile). And unlike some of the more the basic Doro mobiles, the Liberto 650 is 3G enabled and comes with an internet browser. As data-roaming charges can be costly and it is not Wi-Fi enabled, we wouldn’t recommend the Liberto 650 for heavy use (exchanging few emails or looking something up from time to time); for anyone interested in spending more time on mobile internet we would advise having a look at Doro’s Liberto 820, which we reviewed last week.

And for elderly and/or more vulnerable users, the Liberto 650 benefits from Doro’s In Case of Emergency (ICE) feature, which can be used to store pertinent details about your medical health (Doctor, Emergency Contacts, Current Medication); and an Assistance button , which will call and send an text to up to 5 emergency contacts when held down for 3 seconds (or pressed twice within 1 second).


If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish easy to use mobile then the Doro Liberto 650 ticks all the boxes; as long as you heavy mobile internet use is not on your agenda then you are not going to be disappointed. The Liberto 650 looks and feels good, and is reliable and easy to use.