It might seem like we're truly living in the era of wireless technology, yet across the country there remains a striking problem with poor mobile service. It impacts how we use and perceive our devices, and has even led many to seemingly take the step backwards to go back to more reliable land line services as their primary method of keeping in touch.

Just how bad is the problem? In a 2015 study commissioned by technology giant Panasonic, Redshift Research conducted an online survey of 3003 UK adults with both mobile and land line service. The results were quite surprising, suggesting as much as 66% of the country has difficulty getting mobile service in their home. It seems the issue is particularly bad in London, with 73% of residents reporting issues and 44% experiencing dropped calls.

The Impacts of Mediocre Mobile Service

ligo bluewave device side viewIn addition to revealing wide spread problems with service across the UK, the study also provides us with some interesting statistics on just what happens when people don't feel like their mobiles are reliable ways to communicate. The study suggests that up to 36% of mobile users don't trust their phones for important conversations or conversations with long hold times, 23% wouldn't trust a mobile for a telephone interview, and 26% wouldn't even attempt to make a purchase over the phone without using a land line.

Statistics like these remind us that the humble old land line still has an important place in our communications infrastructure. For whatever reason a particular area might have poor service – be it topography, nearby structures, issues with local mobile providers, or whatever the case maybe – the fact that these issues have not been worked out means we are not likely to see the land line telephone disappear anytime soon.

Simplify with BlueWave

ligo bluewave infographic, take your phone calls anywhereHaving a bunch of devices which do more or less the same thing can be a hassle. Juggling different phone numbers, having people call you back, dropping calls on your mobile unpredictably: its one hassle after the next.

LiGo BlueWave is a simple device which allows you to use your mobile phone as a home phone or your home phone as a mobile phone. By making your home phone an extension of a BlueTooth enabled mobile phone, BlueWave provides an integrated communications system between your land line and mobile services, cutting out the hassle and eliminating dead spots and dropped calls from your mobile even if you live in an area with poor service.

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With BlueWave, you can simply put your mobile in the best location for service around your house and then use a normal cordless DECT phone to make or receive calls. Or if you prefer, your mobile phone suddenly becomes another handset for your land line, letting you make reliable calls from your mobile device.


If reliable communications are important to you, invest in something like one of many great Panasonic cordless phones, or look into BlueWave to seamlessly integrate your home communications systems and not have to worry about the details or the dropped calls any more.