If you've been waiting to dive into the world of smart watches, or even if it is something that has never interested you, the impressively affordable deal Sony is offering for its SW2 smart watch is hard for any bargain hunter to pass up.

If you're the owner of an Android device, the Sony SW2 Smartwatch offers the potential to expand your Android experience as the smart watch can seamlessly communicate with your Android smart phone or tablet.

Accessibility, Functionality

Sony SW2 SmartwatchWhat the smart watch really brings to the table is easy accessibility. From a simple touch of the screen on your wrist, you can control all of your phones functions. This means complete call handling while wearing a headset without taking your phone out of your pocket, or remote control over your music selection while jogging.

You could even setup your phone to act as a camera and trigger the photo from your smart watch!

The possibilities are plentiful, and they expand daily as new apps are developed and added to Google Play for Android smart watch users to take advantage of.

Providing you with constant updates and information from an immensely accessible location, the smart watch manages to help keep you in the loop while also providing a range of useful features of its own.

Explore, Innovate

The smart watch is still a relatively new and developing field. What exciting innovations lie just behind the corner for this promising new technology? The SW2 provides you a chance to find out for yourself first hand for just £79.99.

Maybe if you come up with a brilliant idea for smart watches, you could develop the killer app that brings this technology to the world stage. Or maybe casually using it will make your day that much simpler and more efficient. Whatever your bent, the SW2 is a tool awaiting a task.