From the UK and the US to Germany and Australia, several countries are taking the initiative to become more environmentally conscious.  And rightfully so as environmental experts are predicting that we may not have a planet to call home if things keep up the way they are.  With hazardous emissions from our vehicles, computers and everyday devices, we are literally digging ourselves into an environmental grave.

A Small Contribution Towards a HUGE Movement

ECO DECT is a new technology built into Siemens Gigaset phones. This eco-friendly technology helps you preserve the environment by reducing both the transmission power and power consumption in DECT-enabled phones.

Direct Benefits


  • Energy-efficient power supply reduces energy consumption by up to 60%
  • Transmission power is reduced at nearly 100% when the handset is docked
  • ECO Mode enables up to 80% in transmission power reduction
  • Variable transmission power reduction between the base station and handset

How Effective is it?

When compared to conventional Gigaset phones, all ECO DECT-enabled headsets are capable of reducing power consumption by up to 60%.  Additionally, the technology requires less raw materials including copper and iron to produce a switched-mode power source opposed to the power supply for a regular handset.

Although there is no concrete evidence that radio waves generated by DECT-enabled phones are harmful to the environment, Siemens' has taken a conservative approach by supplying all of its Gigaset handsets with functions that allow users to manually or automatically reduce transmission power.  When switching to ECO Mode, you can manually reduce the signal distance by 25 meters inside of the home and 150 meters outside the home.  Furthermore, international limits for such transmissions ensure that there are no risks associated with these phones.

Same Great Performance

While the ECO DECT phones are packed with an expansive technology, these handsets still offer the same quality performance as in other Gigaset models.

Environmentally Friendly Inside and Out

The environmentally conscious aspect of ECO DECT begins from the interior.  DECT-based Gigasets are designed with state-of-the-art energy-efficient machines and packaged with eco-friendly materials.  Siemens' systematic procedure calls for all residual materials to be separated and recycled.

Supported Gigasets

If you are interested in becoming a part of the "green technology" movement while still enjoying the superior functionality of your mobile phone, take note of the following Gigasets as they all come included with ECODECT:

  • Gigaset SL565
  • Gigaset E455
  • Gigaset S685 IP
  • Gigaset S685
  • Gigaset S680
  • Gigaset S675 IP
  • Gigaset S675
  • Gigaset S675 Duo
  • And several more!