Siemens Gigaset DL500A
Functional, clear, modern and elegant: The new Gigaset DL500A business phone is the right choice for anyone looking for an attractive premium analog model for the home office. Technical precision and high-quality materials reflect the up-market status of this phone, whose elegance is accentuated by clear lines and a combination of different materials in high-gloss and matt black. Up to six DECT handsets can be integrated, thus enabling flexible phoning throughout the home. The handsfree feature offers full-duplex quality. Thanks to the Link2mobile function, calls over the mobile network can be conducted from the Gigaset DL500A and connected handsets. Software updates, data synchronization and access to online services are possible via an Ethernet port.

Convenient to use and with a large display

The Gigaset DL500A is operated using a generous 5-way navigation key. Users can move conveniently and intuitively through the logically structured menu with its clearly understandable icons. Details are displayed on a high-quality 8.9-centimeter (3.5-inch, 320 x 240 pixels) TFT color display that offers excellent color quality and crispness. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Gigaset DL500A’s handset is extremely pleasant to hold, even during long calls. If desired, in night mode the display automatically switches off the illumination at a freely selectable time. A digital clock is available as screensaver; alternatively, users can upload a photo of their choice. In addition, the display can be used as a digital picture frame with a slideshow function.

Systematic contact and call management

The phone book has space for up to 500 contacts: It stores the addresses in vCards, each with seven fields for the surname, first name, three phone numbers, e-mail address and birthday. A photo can be used as a picture CLIP and assigned to every caller along with an individual ringtone. In addition, special VIP entries with their own ringtones and photos are possible. The number (CNIP) or photo (CLIP) of a caller is shown on the display. Users can synchronize addresses with their PCs or Macs quickly and easily thanks to the Gigaset QuickSync software. vCards can be transferred to mobile phones via Bluetooth. When connected to the computer via the Ethernet port, the Gigaset DL500A also permits direct dialing (CTI) from Microsoft Outlook, for example. The Internet port permits online access to telephone directories and yellow pages, as well as tracing of the name and address of callers from a number shown on the display – even if they have not been stored in the phone book. There are six freely programmable function keys to enable a quick selection of frequently used functions or phone numbers. The last 30 calls the user has missed are displayed along with their CLIP information and the time of the call. The answering machines records up to 55 minutes of messages and even stores them if the power fails. Customized announcements or messages can be set, and users can use a timer to regulate when the phone switches between the message and answering machine functions.

Brilliant sounds

The Gigaset DL500A offers the very highest sound quality without annoying background noise, even in handsfree mode. A full-duplex handsfree feature and a large sound reflex box in the base station offer a pleasantly lush, natural tone. Headsets can be connected via Bluetooth or cable. 16 polyphonic sounds, ten standard ringtones and the option of loading individual real sounds make up a range that suits the needs of professional and private environments precisely.

Flexible and with good connectivity

Up to six cordless handsets can be registered on the Siemens Gigaset DL500A. In addition, there are two Bluetooth connections that can be used in parallel and enable integration of a Bluetooth headset and up to five mobile phones or PCs. The new Link2mobile function enables calls over the mobile network to be received or conducted directly from the Gigaset DL500A or registered DECT handsets. If the phone is connected to the Internet via the Ethernet port, it displays additional online services, for example RSS feeds, weather forecasts or an eBay observer. It even informs users when they receive e-mail: the mailbox displays a list of mail received along with the sender, date and time of receipt, the subject and message text (shortened if necessary) on the DL500A and the handsets. In addition, software updates are automatically provided over the Internet.

High quality and environmental standards

Gigaset Communications makes its products in Germany in compliance with high quality and environmental standards. It uses efficient production methods and recyclable materials, and ensures that its devices consume little energy and are low-radiation. The Gigaset DL500A has been equipped with cutting-edge ECO DECT technology. That means that if compatible cordless Gigaset handsets are registered, the phone’s transmitting power is reduced by 80 percent in ECO mode. If the phone is not in use, it is completely radiation-free thanks to ECO Plus mode. If no DECT handsets have been registered, the transmitter is automatically deactivated.