In some ways, the term cordless phone is something of a misnomer. A close inspection of the device reveals that there are actually several cords essential to its operation. But since these are situated on the base station of the phone and not its handset, it is for all intents and purposes a wireless user experience. But remove those two essential cords – the phone line and the power cord – from the equation and your home or business phone system turns into some useless hunks of plastic and electronics.

But are there any cordless phones which don't require this? And if you have multiple cordless phones, does each need to be plugged in somewhere? Lets explore some of the nitty gritty details of these so called cordless phones.


The Truly Cordless Phone

The true cordless phone does exist, and you probably have one in your pocket. But we all know about mobiles – is there an actual cordless home phone which doesn't need to be plugged in?

As of this writing, the answer is no – although advances in wireless energy may make such a technology feasible in the future. But personally, with the worldwide ubiquity of the mobile phone, it seems to me that there is not likely to be any real need for such a device; though an unplugged base station would give you the ability to move the signal source at will.

The mobile will remain as the true cordless phone.

Of course, if we wanted to be exhaustively pedantic we could trace our mobiles back to the source of their signals and find a vast, endless labyrinth of wires and cords of all descriptions. The telecommunication system relies on these untold kilometres of wires and fibre optic cables; they are the arteries of modern communication.

So, once again, we find the term cordless phone to ultimately be something of a misnomer.


Snap Back to Reality

Lets ground ourselves back in reality now and out of any Sci-Fi explorations with a real world technical question. If you have a multi-handset cordless phone setup, does each handset require something to be plugged into the wall or phone jack?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Most cordless DECT phone systems are configured to use a single base station for their communications and power source.

This means that although every handset will ring and be able to make calls, only one base station is required to handle them all. One base station can charge each of the handsets (although probably not all simultaneously,) and provide all of the capability to connect the additional handsets to the phone system.

So an integrated, all in one system is available with only plugging in one base station.


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