Being able to customise your ringer based on the time of day is quite the helpful feature. Maybe you'd like something a bit laid back for your mornings, some serious volume to catch you mid-day while you're, say, working in the yard, and then perhaps back to something a little less jarring to get you through the evening.

However you'd like to set it up, it’s definitely a nifty feature and not one you would find on most phones. Let's take a look at a few of the phones that offer this handy feature and some of their details.

The Gigaset A510 Series

The Gigaset A510 is a line of cordless phones, featuring a state of the art design and pretty much all the bells and whistles a cordless phone could have. Select from the Gigaset A510H, featuring a super slim no-frills charging station, or the Gigaset A510A, offering a charging station equipped with answering machine and buttons to access menu options and a slightly different phone design.


Either phone is equipped with caller ID, contact lists, and long-lasting battery life. Not to mention the essential feature: easily customise the ringer settings for different times of the day, select the sound played, the volume and more.

Multiple Phones, One Base

The A510 series can handle multiple handsets all operating off the same base. Multiple handset packages are available featuring two, three and four phones. Each handset will receive the same brilliant call quality. Multiple phones allow for easily having multiple person conversations, for example facilitating a conference call or a family chat, or simply for the convenience of having multiple handsets where ever you may need them to ensure you're always in touch and reachable.

Voice Over IP Ready

VoIP solutions have come to rival the traditional landline phone system and the A510 series has acknowledged this newcomer with a technological embrace. Select from models of the A510A or the A510H fully equipped with VoIP capabilities and ready to be integrated into your existing VoIP system.

Even in the technologically rich world of VoIP, with so called “soft phones” and other innovations, there are few systems which offer the ability to change the ringer setting based on the time of the day. But this is certainly not the only area where the A510 is exceptional, offering exceptional voice quality, brilliant sound, long lasting battery life and a large range for cordless phones.