This month we've chosen to shine the liGo spotlight on the Panasonic KX-TG 8061 cordless phone, which we've taken note of on our store for being a Which? Report 'Best Buy' selection. It packs all of the must-have features along with a few bells and whistles into a classic and highly functional design.


A Proven Winner

8061EW_largeWith the KX-TG 8061, Panasonic has offered the world a brilliant iteration on the traditional cordless phone. Blending modern technology with tried-and-true designs, the KX-TG 8061 has one foot over the threshold and into the future with another firmly planted in proven methods and designs from the past.

Key Features of the KX-TG 8061:

  • 200 entry phonebook
  • 18 minute integrated digital answering machine
  • 13 hours of talk time, 200+ hours standby
  • Changeable ring tones

We find an even longer list of features on the KX-TG, including some things rarely seen for phones within its price ranges. Things like comprehensive call blocking, headset jack, and out of range/low battery alert features make the KX-TG a massively useful and versatile device.

These little additions contribute to the KX-TG's award winning design, but it is even more important to note that Panasonic spared no expense on the essentials with the KX-TG. Its massive 50 meter indoor/200 meter outdoor wireless ranges insures you'll never bump up against the limits of cordlessness, and the huge battery life makes sure you'll be able to talk whenever you need to – even if your family is bad about charging!


The All-Around Unit

In the KX-TG 8061 we find everything we need to keep in touch. This one device has everything necessary to receive (and even block) all of your incoming telephone communications. Simply plug it into a wall outlet and your landline and enjoy a highly functional and versatile modern communication tool.

At its low price point of just £34.99, the KX-TG 8061 won't break the bank. It can be a great option for anyone looking to outfit a business or a multi-handset household with a single type of device. Or, if you're just purchasing one for your own home, its an affordable option that gets you every must-have feature and even throws in a few which are typically only on higher priced models, such as the call blocking features.

Brilliant Audio Quality

We go through a lot of phones here at liGo, so it becomes easy to notice when one is lacking – or when one is superb. Although there is certainly nothing in this simple affordable handset to really blow away an audio aficionado, it is certainly some superb audio quality for its price range. On both ends of the line, the Panasonic KX-TG 8061 is leagues above its competition, partly thanks to Panasonic's built-in Voice Enhancer on the handset.

Tune In Next Month!

Please come back next month to have a look at another cordless phone which stands out from the pack. We'll keep combing through everything available to bring you the very best.