For most of their history, home phones have lacked robust features.  They dial out, receive incoming calls and that was the limit to their functionality.  In recent years however, these dull affairs have changed as cordless phones today are anything but average.  Apart from traveling away from the base station, many home phones have all the functionality of their mobile counterparts with features such as text messaging, integrated phone books and more.  They are also far more attractive, thanks to innovative designs by Jacob Jensen.

For the past 50 years, Jacob Jensen has been capitalizing on technology and putting a sophisticated spin on everyday devices.  Just recently, Jensen celebrated his 80 birthday, making it natural for the designer to coin his new cordless DECT phone as the Jacob Jensen T80.

While designed by Jacob Jensen Designs, the T80's blueprint was made for Bell Xpress A/S who developed it in partnership with the Denmark-based company RTX, a global leader in technology.  This collaboration is responsible for the cordless DECT’s high technical quality and new exclusive features.  Judging the photo, you can see that the Jacob Jensen T80 is a wonder to look at whether it’s sitting on your desk or mounted on the wall.

Cordless Eye Candy

The T80 boasts a dual-oval design, an elegant and lightweight handset that’s easy to grip.  What we liked is that you can position the phone on the base station how you prefer - upside down or rightside up.  The speaker and microphone design is reminiscent of Jacob Jensen’s award winning design of the record player back in the 70s.  The keypad’s backlight along with the display’s illuminated numbers, letters and icons make sure you have a clear view in various lighting conditions.  The T-80's interface also received a healthy injection of technology as its driven by menus for easy navigation.  We wouldn’t call it superior sound quality but the reception is adequate and can be enhanced with adjustable acoustic controls for the bass and treble.  Throw in 7 built-in polyphonic ringtones along with hands-free capability and you have a beautiful and functional cordless phone.

Features and Capability

The Jacob Jensen T-80 is loaded with features including an outdoor range of up to 300 meters and 50 meters inside.  You can yap it up for extended periods with an intelligent charge Li-Ion battery that offers 12 hours in talk time with 7 days on standby.  Caller ID and a last number redial function is included as well as a built-in phone book with enough capacity to store up to 100 contact entries.    When more phones are registered to the base station, the T80 can act as a switchboard by enabling communication between other handsets.  Additionally, the device’s software automatically reduces the amount of radiation in the signal for a more environmentally conscious function.

The Jacob Jensen T80 is much more than another pretty face, though it will look mighty sweet in your home.  While there are a few cool features, the T80 isn’t overstuffed and does exactly what its supposed to.