Recently we’ve looked at some of the most futuristic mobile concepts hitting the market. For fans of iPhone accessories, though, there’s a whole world out there of iPhone specific design innovations that can make you truly stand out from the crowd. They’re bold, they’re retro, but be warned, they’re not for the faint hearted…

Cute iPhone accessories with fun at their heart

iPhone Horn Amplifier

If you’re a lover of vibrancy, colour and a touch of the eccentric then you’re bound to be drawn to the Horn Amplifier. It’s a hands-free phone stand that cheekily emulates the pre-war ear trumpet – only this time it’s not an old man’s hearing aid, it’s a totally cool iPhone accessories tool.

Equally fashion forward is the Yubz handset. Confuse onlookers with a surreal experience by answering your mobile in the street via an old style corded handset. Choose your own statement with a huge range of pastel and acid shades as well as eye catching patterns. On a more serious note, Yubz claims that this model’s design protects from potential mobile phone radiation – a bonus for those who are concerned about this issue.

iPhone Retro Cassette CoveriPhone accessories with a nod to the eighties

The choice to deliberately dress your phone up like an eighties throwback might seem offbeat one, but children of the Yuppie era will instantly recognise the humour and nostalgia that’s injected into the Retro Brick iPhone case. Whereas the iPhone Cassette Tape case instantly evokes memories of first crushes, mix tapes and recording the charts off the radio on a Saturday afternoon.

Or, for the frustrated kid in you, why not push it further with iPhone’s Etch-a-Sketch style case? If you don’t know what an Etch-a-Sketch is the chances are these particular iPhone accessories will be lost on you. But if you do…well…we know you’ll appreciate the charm.

Retro iPhone accessories that are too cool for school

IPhone Film Noir dock

If you’re looking for an accessory that’s seriously head turning but you don’t want to go down the road of eighties styling perhaps something a little sleeker will do the job? Try the range of iPhone accessories inspired by vintage film noir and retro chic. Amongst them is the IPhone Film Noir dock, as well as a number of retro iPhone docks designed to look like the elegant corded models of the fifties and sixties. All you need is a Dry Martini, a dashing piece of headgear and come soft focus lighting and you’ll feel like you’re immersed in the golden age of Hollywood.

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