Orchid 308+ PBX 3-Line Phone SystemFinding a multi-line cordless phone solution has just been made easier with the Orchid 308+. Offering users a unique opportunity to operate up to 3 telephone lines in a home or office environment, this entry level PBX system represents an affordable and reliable solution for those seeking to install a system that will enable them to manage more than one line and have up to 8 extensions.

What impressed us most about the Orchid 308+ was the ease with which it can be set up and configured. We let our least technically minded loose with it, and found that with the supplied CD (which offers easy to follow notes on installation, user guide, and information on programming) they were able to install it for use in no time. This means that the advantages of a traditional PBX system are now available without having to pay a premium for unwanted feature sets or expensive installation.

What can it do?

The eight extension ports on Orchid 308+ can be utilised to work with both corded and cordless telephones to suit your needs, and offer a range of basic PBX features such as call forwarding, call transfer, and conferencing that are easy to use.

Orchid 308+ PBX 3-Line Phone System

The system can also be configured to suit individual requirements with an array of additional features. The Auto Attend function will allow you to record your own outgoing message advising callers to: e.g. Dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, and so on. Further benefits include: access to IP calls, by configuring the Orchid 308+ so that the User can dial 9 for traditional call, or set another digit for IP calls, offering greater flexibility and a solution for keep call costs down; and a music on hold port, for connecting a music device, such as MP3 or CD player so incoming callers will hear music or a company message when on hold.


How it works?

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up the Orchid 308+:

Step 1

Locate your PBX system near to a mains power socket, and the incoming line sockets (The unit can be wall mounted by drilling two holes 16cm apart, and adjusting the screw heads until it sits flush against the wall). Plug in the mains power lead and switch it on. The red LED power light should come on.

Orchid 308+ PBX 3-Line Phone System

Step 2

Using the black line connector leads, connect the 308+ to your incoming phone line sockets (You can use the cable ties provided to tidy the cables between your PBX and the line sockets).

Orchid 308+ PBX 3-Line Phone System

Step 3

To connect the extensions to your PBX (extension sockets should be Master type with built-in ringing capacitor), first find out how far way the phones are going to be, and connect the first phone into extension 21 using an appropriate length of cable (For those going to be used further away, extension adaptors and cable clips can be used to effectively route the cables along your skirting).

Orchid 308+ PBX 3-Line Phone System

Step 4

You are now ready to set up your exchange line. The Orchid 308+ is pre-configured at the factory for 3 lines, therefore, if you only have 1 or 2 lines connected, you will need to set up the system as follows:-

For 1 Line

  • On extension 21 Dial: Password (default 1234), which should be followed by a beep
  • Press * 3 1 1 #, which should be followed by another beep
  • Hang up

For 2 Lines

  • On extension 21 Dial: Password (default 1234), which should be followed by a beep
  • Press * 3 1 1 2 #, which should be followed by another beep
  • Hang up

Further information on set-up and/or configuration is included in the easy-to-follow user manual, available to download here. Alternatively, you can contact our highly trained Customer Service team for further details.

For those in search of a multi-line cordless phone, there is no better choice than the Orchid 308+ for affordable top quality and features.