Connecting the Gigaset S810A to the Plantronics MX200/MX250 Headset

The newer generation of cordless phones comes with so many features, that sometimes the manual itself can be as overwhelming as Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (and who knows, maybe in 20 years your phone will be able to do that for you too!)

Here at liGo we want to make you feel at home, so if you have any further questions, feedback or suggestions for future troubleshooting guides, let us know.

1. Lay your phone flat on the table, in a well-lit area, and locate the headset socket. In the example of the Gigaset S810A, the socket is covered by a black plastic cover.


2. Open the black plastic cover by gently nudging it open with your nail. You will now be able to see a round standard headset socket. Your Plantronics MX200/MX250 headset is compatible with any Gigaset device that has a headset connector socket.


3. Gently plug in your Plantronics MX200/MX250 headset until you hear a soft ‘click’ sound, notifying you that the headset is now securely connected to your device.