Audio conferencing phones offer many advantages to your business, but shopping for a system is not always an easy task.  If Konftel is your brand, one of your major concerns should be compatibility. If you are working with a traditional analogue line, a standard audio conference phone system may work just fine.  However, this isn’t the case in most offices as you’re more likely to find systems that enable communications throughout the entire building.

As there are several different brands and models to choose from, finding a compatible audio conference phone only gets more confusing.  Fortunately, the Konftel 50 is one of the most compatible units on the market.  Here’s the rundown.

User-friendly, Feature-Rich

Instead of plugging into an incoming phone line, the Konftel 50 conference phones connect to an existing phone already at the office desk.  This is made possible by plugging the units into a phone handset or headset socket, meaning that the device can be connected on an existing telephone system or direct telephone line.  The Konftel 50 is designed in a manner where it will always be compatible, a factor that will make conference phones effective long into the future.Konftel50_large

One of the most unique features of the Konftel 50 is the lack of a keypad for dialing numbers.  While this may seem rather strange, it actually serves benefit as the controls needed to make calls are located on the existing phone they are connected with. This not only makes the Konftel audio phones easier to use, but more efficient as some systems are equipped with features that can only be accessed by the existing phone.


When your audio conference phone is highly compatible, you no longer have to worry about the restrictions that come along with ordinary systems.  Aside from providing the superb audio quality needed to conduct business, it offers flexibility that allows you to strike up a meeting from almost anywhere.