binatoneIf your in the market for some quality budget two-way radios, you may have already run across the Binatone Latitude series. These excellent offerings from Binatone pack in a whole lot of features and usability into a durable and affordable packages.

But how much difference is there between Latitude models? Is it worth dropping the extra change, or will you be able to get by with the cheapest option?

To help you sort things out, we've decided to do a breakdown comparison between two of our most popular Binatone two-way radios: the Binatone Latitude 100 and the Binatone Latitude 150.

Features In Common

Before we look at whats different, lets take a look at what is the same between the Latitude 100 and its big brother the Latitude 150 model.

Probably the most important detail for many people is the maximum range. Both the 100 and the 150 feature the same range of up to 3 kilometres. Since they both have the same transmitting power of 0.5W, we can pretty much assume that range and reception will be pretty similar.

We find many similar features: each has 8 channels and a Channel Scan feature, belt clip, adjustable volume, back lit display and low battery indicator, and a 12 month warranty.

Latitude_wide (l-r) Binatone Latitude 100 & 150 Twin Sets

The Differences

When comparing the Binatone Latitude 100 and the Latitude 150 model, what stands out the most is the battery. The 100 operates on basic replaceable AAA batteries and offers 80 hours of standby time. In contrast, the 150 includes a rechargeable battery pack with 80 hours of standby.

The Latitude 150 includes a charging base as well, making it simple to dock and charge whenever necessary.  Its worth noting that the 150 does work on AAA batteries as well, simply of a rechargeable variety – this offers some extra flexibility.

Aside from the battery, the 100 features Call Tones which the 150 does not, and the 150 model includes a Roger Beep function which the 100 does not.

So... Which Ones For Me?

Ultimately the 150 offers slightly more convenience and a little more standby time. Either option is a highly dependable two-way radio at a bargain price. If you prefer rechargeable devices to disposable batteries, opt for the Binatone Latitude 150 two-way radio. But in the end, the price difference is only around £7 – nothing to lose sleep over.

Check Out Some More Options!

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