The UK is faced with a veritable pandemic of nuisance calling. According to research conducted by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO,) 4 out of 5 people regularly experience cold-calling from telemarketing companies and a third of them reported feeling intimidated by the calls. Earlier this year, the major telecom regulator Ofcom publicly admitted that its telephone preference service (previously implemented with the hopes of nuisance calling) was doing very little to solve the problem.

Fortunately for everyone with a telephone, action is being taken to stop this nuisance from wasting peoples times and clogging up the phone circuits. The government's nuisance call task force, put into operation to combat the issue, will be issuing their recommendations to help fight the issue and stop the calls before they are placed.

Taking action

Among the plans to prevent unwanted calling is the ability to allow the ICO to take enforcement action against the companies placing these calls. Under current regulations, the ICO can only take action if the case causes “substantial damages or distress” - which means, quite rarely. New regulations may allow them to intervene in cases where unwanted calls cause the recipients “nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.”  Simultaneously, the Ministry of Justice is planning to increase the financial penalties for PPI companies.

While it is good to see that something is being done about this issue from government and regulators, the constant influx of calls has left some people wondering what they can do right now to help the matter. Fortunately, there is something you can do on your end.


The Wonders Of A Phone With Nuisance Call Blocking Features

There are plenty of call blocking features available on a range of phones. These features can help you completely eliminate nuisance calls and get some peace and quiet. A combination of methods are used to prevent unwanted calls.

The most straightforward feature offered is “Do Not Disturb,” which blocks incoming calls completely. Some devices are equipped with a VIP contact list feature, which allows for certain VIP numbers to be added to the phone which will cause the phone to ring even if Do Not Disturb is enabled. This lets you effectively filter out every call except those you truly want to answer.

Working in conjunction with Do Not Disturb are some more specific filtering features. For example, many devices offer the ability to block calls from certain area codes, numbers which can't appear on caller ID, or other irregularities. Rounding it all off is a specific “Blacklist” which allows users to prevent specific numbers from calling at all.


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