The Como Audio Duetto offers all the functionality of the brand's smaller Solo, but with double the speaker output for truly room-filling sound. It's not cheap - but does it provide enough value for money? We put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews- read on to find out how we got on!

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Design & build

As with the Solo, the Como Audio Duetto is a beautifully designed piece of tech. Drawing inspiration from mid-century Italian design, we love its minimalist approach. It's crafted from a solid, half-inch thick piece of furniture-grade wood for a real premium finish, which also gives it a fair bit of weight. There's no risk of your cat accidentally knocking this off the sideboard!

Available in two real-wood finishes- walnut and hickory- it also comes in black or white for those whose tastes lean more towards monochrome. These are also made from wood- multiple layers of piano-grade wood, in fact. In all, this is one of the most solidly-built speakers we've come across. It genuinely does feel like a piece of high-end furniture, which helps to justify the price somewhat.

Como Audio Duetto Walnut Design

Sound Performance

While the Como Audio Solo only provides mono audio, the Duetto upgrades things to full stereo. Not only does this make for a more immersive listening experience, but it also gives the Duetto better control over the music itself. With twin 30W amplifiers, each powering a separate tweeter and woofer, it provides some of the tightest sound around. And thanks to all that power, it can go seriously loud without hitting any distortion.

The only problem is the high price tag of the Duetto. You can get equally good sound quality for a much lower price, with, for instance, the Audio Pro C5. That's not to say that the Duetto doesn't sound great- it does. But if sound quality is all you're really interested in, you might be able to save a fair few pennies elsewhere. As for features, though...


This is where the Como Audio Duetto really shines. Its features list puts other brands to shame, with an almost endless array of ways to listen. Naturally, as a modern radio, it includes DAB and FM modes, along with DAB+ compatibility to make it futureproof. During testing, we found that the Duetto's sizeable antenna did an excellent job of picking up a signal, even in locations where other models struggled a bit.

There's also an internet radio mode, which allows you to tune in to any of the over 30,000 online stations broadcasting from around the globe. We spent a good chunk of our testing time exploring these, as there are so many to choose from. Whatever type of music you're into, you can be certain that there's a station out there somewhere that caters to you. If you'd rather listen to your own choice of music, though, then the Duetto also supports Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, twin aux-in ports, optical-in, and even a USB drive... phew!

And finally, the Como Duetto comes with multiroom functionality as well. That means you can connect it up to other Como Audio products to seamlessly control the music playing around your home. Como have their own dedicated app, which is reasonably responsive and easy to use. Just download it onto your smartphone, and with just a few taps you'll be in full control of your home's soundtrack. One thing to note, though- since it uses a unique app, you won't be able to connect Como Audio products up with multiroom speakers from other brands.

Como Audio Duetto White Features

Como Audio Duetto: The Verdict

While admittedly quite a pricey model, the Como Audio Duetto is nonetheless an excellent speaker system. With DAB, FM, and internet radio modes, as well as Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, there are so many ways to enjoy listening to this model. If you just want a speaker that sounds great, you could potentially save money with a different model. But if you want a DAB radio that can do it all, while also looking great, then the Duetto is a seriously solid choice.