Choosing the right electric razor is a very important element of personal grooming for a man. When it comes to choosing shaving razors, there can be some confusion whether to purchase a rotary razor or a foil razor. Today, we take a look at foil razors: as why to choose them and some of the best options available.

Why Choose Foil Razorsfoilshaver_large

A foil shaver has a thin, rectangular metallic 'foil' layer covering a number of blades underneath. When you use the foil razor, the cutter blades move from side to side, and the foil stays still. The hair is trimmed as it enters the slots or holes on the razor.

It captures hair within its slots, cuts close to the skin and gives you a closer shave than a rotary shaver would. It is also great for creating clean and precise straight edges, so it’s perfect for trimming the area around sideburns. If you shave daily and have sensitive skin, this is the perfect type of shaver for you.

What Foil Razors Aren't Good For

If you have a coarse beard or medium facial hair density, you will find that foil razors can tend to leave a one-day stubble look even on the days you shave. Bruce Willis' one sided smile not included.

If that is the look you're after - then, by all means, go for it, but for regular to tough skin, rotary razors that trim hair by conforming to your face shape are usually the better choice.

The Best Brands for Foil Razors

Braun's Series 7 electric razors are examples of high quality foil razors. The series come with an Active Lift Technology, which simply means that the razor offers an accurate trim by lifting the hair up from the roots and cutting it evenly.

The 7 790cc-4 Premium shaver by Braun is particularly popular with men. The razor has three modes:

  • for intense shaves,
  • for normal skin,
  • and for sensitive skin.

Other features worth mentioning:

  • a solid grip
  • it doesn't leave razor burns
  • and doesn't cause any type of skin irritation.

It may be a little on the expensive side, but the quality and the easy to use cleaning station makes it long-lasting and cost-effective. You can keep your shaver cleaning stations clean with Braun's Clean and Renew lemon-scented cleaning cartridges and enjoy a fresh shave every day.

Other notable foil razors include the Panasonic Wet/Dry models that use special nanotechnology and arc blades to provide very close shaves.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, choosing razors is a matter of finding the right balance of quality, cost and efficiency. A man's shave is as good as the equipment he uses. When it comes to finding a razor for close shaves everyday for sensitive skin, you hardly can go wrong with Braun's razor selection.