If you're in the market for a headset to use with your phone, it is essential to ensure the product you are looking into purchasing is compatible with your phone system. The old fashioned way of doing this meant finding various model numbers and looking through long, dizzying lists to match up various sets of arcane symbols.

Thankfully, Plantronics has built a helpful web interface to help us quickly and painlessly compare compatibility with their products and a huge list of phone models and manufacturers. Below, we'll walk through the process of using Plantronics web interface to test compatibility.

Checking Compatibility On Plantro.net

Let's take a few minutes to demonstrate just how easy it is to test compatibility with Plantronics products:


1. First, we'll navigate our browsers to www.plantro.net – hover the mouse over the “Tools” section in the menu to pull down a drop-down menu.




2. From the drop down menu, we select the third entry, “Compatibility” and are delivered to this page: https://www.plantro.net/en/compatibility.html




3. Now we've reached the plantro.net compatibility page. Below several downloadable compatibility guides we find several forms asking us to “Select Device.” For this example, we'll use some sample products – for our phone, we'll select the BT Paragon 650.




4. In the first drop-down menu, we select “Deskphone.” In the next drop-down, “Manufacturer,” we scroll down the list until we find “BT.”





5. Once we select “BT,” the large selection menu becomes populated with different models of BT Phones to select from. Scrolling through the list, we select “Paragon 650”




6. Now its time to select our headset. For this example, we'll use the Supra Plus Corded Headset. We select “Supra Plus” from the “Headphone Family” drop-down and are taken to a new page.  Here we find some input fields quite similar to those on the last field, asking for various information about our type of headset. From this menu, we can search for different types of compatible headsets using details like manufacturer, corded or cordless, wearing and microphone style, and so forth. For now, we will just change the cord type to “Corded” and press the “Go / Update” button to search compatibility!




7. Immediately we get our “Results Summary,” in this case returning a long list of compatible Supra Plus devices. Click the blue plus sign (+) to expand and view every available model.




Let’s try it again, but with a different headset! To do that, we simply return to the top of the page and modify the drop-down fields. We'll select the CS500 Wireless Headset, and change the fields to the proper entries. Once again we are greeted with a list of compatible headsets, but this time wireless CS500's instead of corded Supra Plus options.

In Conclusion

There are a few things which are useful to know when shopping for a headset. If you're looking for a corded solution, the cord is typically not included with headset purchase. The reasoning behind this, is the variability in cord type between different phones.

You will need to purchase the proper cord separately. If you are looking to pair a wireless headset with a deskphone, insure the desk phone supports wireless capabilities as many do not. For those which can accommodate wireless headsets, a switch or setting will usually need to be changed to enable the feature.

Hopefully this guide has shown you how easy it can be to compare compatibility when shopping for headsets. It's worth noting that Plantronics is not the only company to offer such a service. Sennheiser and Jabra also offer easy-to-use browser based compatibility tools, which can be found at: