Designed to meet the needs of every outdoor enthusiast, the Celestron Outland X Binoculars certainly offers a lot. Providing a combination of powerful optics with a premium build design ensures that quality is guaranteed. Including many features you would find in more expensive models, these binoculars provide excellent value for money.

The Celestron Outland X Binoculars are available in a wide variety of focal ranges (8x25, 10x25, 10x42, 10x50). Pairing multi-coated optics with BAK-4 prisms provides crystal-clear images at all times. In addition to this, the build design on the binoculars ensures that they can withstand all weather conditions. This includes anti-fogging technology to help aid these binoculars in poor weather conditions.

Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or out travelling, the Celestron Outland X Binoculars are the perfect choice. Built for effective use in all conditions makes them perfect for the Great British weather. Blending high-quality optic design with superb build quality makes them suitable for all occasions. Considering the price that the binoculars are available at, it would be hard to find better value on the market.

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Design and Build


The first thing that you will notice when picking up the Celestron Outland X Binoculars is the weight. These binoculars offer a lightweight feel when holding them. This compact design helps the binoculars to feel balanced and they are comfortable to use. Additionally, the inclusion of rubber grips make holding on to the binoculars feel easy and secure.

Furthermore, this rubber-armour design available on the Outland X helps to protect them from all weather conditions. These binoculars are fully waterproof and will be resistant to any water damage. The rubber design will allow you to maintain your grip even when the binoculars become wet. With the conditions that you are likely to face during use, this is a welcome design feature for additional protection.

The Celestron Outland X Binoculars also come with additional accessories. These provide an extra layer of protection when using or transporting the binoculars. These accessories include a carry case and strap.

Celestron Outland X Binoculars with Carry Case


The Celestron Outland X range offers large focusing knobs for precise focusing. These are quickly accessible and allow for easy adjustments when using the binoculars. This held up during testing and even in wet weather conditions, the focusing knobs felt comfortable to use.

Finally, the binoculars offer twist-down eyecups. These eyecups provide eye-relief during use and help provide comfort. The level of relief that is available will depend on the size of binoculars that you choose. For example, the Celestron Outland X 10x42 Binoculars provide 14mm of eye-relief.

This eye-relief provides a great deal of comfort and is especially helpful during long-term use. Those that were glasses will be able to use these binoculars without having to remove them. This provides a great deal of accessibility to the binoculars. It is clear that user-comfort is an important part of the design process with Celestron's binoculars.


Quality of Optics 


The Celestron Outland X Binoculars boast powerful magnification optics which provide crystal-clear images. The combination of multi-coated optics with the BAK-4 prisms ensures that images appear in the highest possible quality.

Multiple layers of special coatings within the optics help to perfect the balance between brightness and contrast. Even in low-light conditions, these binoculars perform exceptionally well. Pairing this with the Bak-4 prisms minimises any colour distortion through the binoculars. Overall, the quality on the optics are excellent. Considering the price that these are available for, this is particularly impressive. Certainly worth the purchase.

Celestron Outland X Binoculars


The Celestron Outland X Binoculars provide a powerful magnification through the lenses. The magnification power will vary depending on which model you select. However, both the 8x and the 10x perform exceptionally well and images appear clear. Suitable for a wide range of roles, these binoculars are extremely versatile.

In addition to this, these binoculars offer a 5.6° field-of-view equating to 98 metres at a 1 kilometre distance (10x42). Opting for a small magnification power on the binoculars will offer a larger field-of-view. This will largely depend on exactly what you are using the binoculars for. The FOV available on both sets of binoculars were sufficient during testing and matched our expectations.

Finally, a point that is worth mentioning is the protection the additional carry case offers to the lenses. This moisture-resistant case helps to prevent dust and soil from gathering on the lenses. Maintaining clean lenses is vital and this really feels like a great bonus to add in to the overall package.




The Celestron Outland X Range packs a lot of value in to the overall package. Providing a blend of high-quality optics with a compact but lightweight design. Built to perform in all conditions and suitable for all occasions, it is clear to see why it is popular. So, just how well does this actually perform?

Throughout our testing, the Celestron Outland X Binoculars exceeded expectations. The value for money on offer here is excellent. The image clarity available is crystal-clear and the binoculars feel incredibly balanced. The rubber-armour design makes them suitable for all conditions and provides a great deal of protection.

The combination of multi-coated optics with BAK-4 prisms produces the defined image quality. In addition to this, the nitrogen in the lenses ensures that this quality is available even in poor weather conditions. Focusing is easy due to the large knobs available on the binoculars. These are easy to adjust and allow for quick focusing when necessary.  Overall, the Celestron Outland X Binoculars perform very well in all conditions.

Furthermore, the overall build quality of the Celestron Outland X Binoculars is excellent. They are durable yet lightweight, and this makes them perfect for transporting around. There is a great balance with the weight of the binoculars and long-term use is easy. The rubber grips are a great addition and add an element of security to the binoculars. Even in wet conditions, the Celestron Outland X Binoculars hold up well and remain easy to grip.

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With everything considered, the Celestron Outland X Binoculars offer immense quality and value. Pairing high-quality optics with a rubber-armour build design makes these binoculars perfect for all occasions. The durable build quality ensures that these binoculars will withstand all conditions. The additional items that come with the binoculars are great. Whilst not everyone may use them, they certainly add some value to the overall package. Designed to prevent gathering of moisture and dust, this carry case offers an extra layer of protection.

Overall, the Celestron Outland X Binocular package is great. It would be difficult to find the same value on the market from binoculars in the same price range. With everything available within this bundle, it is clear to see why it is such a popular choice.