Nuisance phone calls can be so frustrating and there’s nothing worse than having your home life disrupted by time wasting telemarketing calls and such. But they needn’t be part of modern life any longer for TrueCall is a brand new, ingenious call management system that plugs into your ordinary home phone socket, (even if you have broadband) and requires no special installation. TrueCall helps to preserve the peace of your home by screening all incoming numbers and filtering out any unwanted calls before they even reach your phone.

TrueCall Recognises up to 500 name & number contacts

TrueCall recognises the phone numbers of approved callers so that friends and family will always get through and also keeps a list of unwelcome numbers, preventing them from calling. The lists can hold up to 500 name & number contacts and can be easily updated, so if you do receive a nuisance call, simply add it to your call-barring list and TrueCall will stop any further calls from that number contacting you.

If any unfamiliar numbers call, Truecall will ask for the caller’s name and will announce who is calling, allowing you to decide whether to answer the call, have the caller leave a message, or let TrueCall inform the caller that you do not wish to answer calls from that number.

No more pushy sales calls

Calls that you wished you’d never answered in the first place can be easily terminated with a ‘polite’ recorded message that cuts off annoying sales people or malicious callers and their numbers can then be added to your call-barring list.

Add TrueCall recorder for powerful message & call recording

TrueCall is designed to work with all modern home phones and can be used as a powerful answering machine and call recorder with the addition of TrueCall recorder SD cards (purchased separately). SD cards for the TrueCall recorder system are the same type used in most digital cameras and allow either up to 70hrs or 140hrs of messages and conversations to be recorded – depending on the size of card used. Your recorded messages and conversations can be stored, copied and managed on your PC or Mac using TrueCall Message Centre software that comes supplied with the TrueCall unit.

Empowering technology for peace of mind

TrueCall empowers you to have total control over who you wish to speak to and can significantly reduce the amount of precious time wasted on nuisance calls. With TrueCall installed in your home, every time your phone does ring it is more than likely that the caller is someone you actually know, and with such empowering call managing technology – it really is your call with Truecall.