Much like we rely on BT to supply us with a comprehensive network of phone lines, we also expect them to supply us with the very best DECT cordless phones.  And they haven't let us down yet!  BT always bring out cordless phones that leap to the top of their class, and the latest models to arrive at liGo haven't failed to live up to our impeccably high standards.  So we're not going to BT (sorry!) around the bush any longer - here's the low-down on this hot new bunch of DECT cordless phones from BT.

These new arrivals from BT are varied enough in feature and budget to suit everyone. With four delicious models to choose from, there's bound to be one that gets your button-pressing finger twitchy.

BT Synergy 5100 DECT Cordless Phone

For those watching the pennies, the BT Synergy 5100 DECT cordless phone is one of the best buys around.  It combines features such as an extensive 250 name and number phone book, a SIM card reader, caller display, SMS texting ability, handsfree operation and funky blue display with a very modest price tag of only £37.99.  And if you're looking for more than one handset, you can also buy the Synergy 5100 in twin, trio and quad packs.  This is a bargain phone with not-so-bargain features!

BT Synergy 5500 DECT Cordless Phone

The Synergy 5500 offers the same superb capabilities as the 5100 but with an added bonus of a digital answering machine.  This handy addition has twelve minutes of recording time, and messages are time and date stamped so you'll never lose track of them.  The 5500 also has the useful call-screening facility, which is equally relevant to the stressed-out businessman or the harrassed homemaker looking to avoid a call from the mother-in-law.  The mute function (also present on the 5100) allows for mid-call swearing too.  Best of all, you get this for only £54.99 for a single handset.  Twin, trio and quad packages are also available.

BT Stratus 1500 DECT Cordless Phone

The Stratus 1500 is a top-notch multifunctional solution for both home and office as it can be plugged into a regular phone line or an extension network.  Aside from having a smaller name and number directory than the Synergy models (accommodating up to 100), it shares many of the same features plus a digital answering machine.  However, this gorgeous little number is capable of handling conference calls and transferring calls.  You can also program your own speed-dial numbers into the Stratus 1500 for one touch dialling.  The built-in clock and alarm function will also keep your appointments in order should you be the more disorganised type.  Who needs an assistant when you've got this wee stalwart working for you?  The Stratus 1500 is priced at £64.99 and can be bought with multiple units.  Definitely cheaper that a secretary, anyway!

BT Granite DECT Cordless Phone

What makes the BT Granite stand out is its wolf-whistle generating looks.  Beautifully styled, the Granite is equipped with the same features as the Synergy handsets but with the addition of GAP compatibility and speed dial function.  Incorporated into this exquisite bundle is a digital answering machine too.  But it's the looks, those beautiful looks and cute compactness that make this an amazing handset.  OK, it's a more expensive than many BT handsets at £68.99 for a single unit (a dual set is also available), but you've got to pay a little more for eye-candy.

With the choices that these new BT DECT cordless phones present, potential purchasers will be feeling like a kid in a sweetie shop.  Only you can't make calls from sweets.  Or at least not the last time I tried.