The BT company has recently added two additional baby monitors to its existing selection. The BT 300 and the BT 350 represent the continued evolution of their line from earlier models such as the BT 100 and BT 200. Working to innovate new solutions to soothing babies and parents alike with the help of their steadfast peace-of-mind-generators, BT has managed to equip the BT 300 and BT 350 with a range of features for a rock bottom price. The BT 300 can be purchased for as low as £39.99.

BT 300 - Features And HighlightsBT300_large

With something of a whimsical shape and pleasant colours, the BT 300 is a decent addition to aesthetic of any nursery. Its equipped with quality microphones and speakers, providing crisp audio with excellent definition. Utilising DECT wireless transmission radio technologies, the BT 300 has a range of 50 metres indoor and 300 outdoors, much like a standard cordless phone.

The parent unit is powered by two AA batteries (included preinstalled with purchase) for easy portability. On the parent unit, we find LED indicators for volume level, letting parents have some idea of what is going on even without listening to the output from the speaker. It also includes an out of range alert to let you know if its unable to communicate with the baby monitor, and a low battery indicator.

The baby monitor itself is equipped with a pleasant nightlight and talk back feature. The talk back feature allows parents to communicate with their child through the baby monitor, to give a soothing voice or a fun chat.

Overall, the BT 300 is a highly functional baby monitor with good sound quality for an exceptionally affordable price point.

BT 350 - Features And Highlights

With the BT 350, we find something that looks a lot like the BT 300's big brother. Indeed, the BT 350 has all the features of the BT 300 plus a few of its own new devices. One neat feature sure to excite baby and add a bt350_largebit of spice to a nursery is its built in light show feature, which projects twinkly stars and moons onto the walls, providing an entertaining visual spectacle for baby to watch.

Equipped with High Definition sound technology, the speakers and microphone on the BT 350 are exceptional – letting you pick up every detail of the sound coming from your little one, ensuring you catch any trouble or special moments even if you're hundreds of meters from the nursery.

The BT 350 integrates a digital thermometer which outputs to the parent unit, letting you always know the temperature within the nursery. It includes a talk back feature so you can speak to the child remotely, or the BT 350's speakers can be used to play a selection of 18 lullabies ranging from classical compositions to nursery rhymes. Also included is a selection of white noise and even womb sounds to help ease baby to sleep.

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