The evolution of baby monitors has proved a godsend to many a new parent, and models like the BT Baby Monitor 1000 demonstrate how far they've come from the glorified 2 way radios of yesteryear. The BT 1000 is a sophisticated Video Baby Monitor with a brilliantly clear LCD display, crystal clear sound and temperature sensor in the baby unit all of which have been included to give you greater peace of mind.

An extra pair of eyes and ears

As any parent can tell you, there is little time as precious as those moments when baby is fast asleep; not just because sleeping babies are the cutest and it gives you some down-time from the inevitable demands of caring for a new life but because this is some of the only time you have to get on with washing all the onesies, vests, and everything else that babies get through (or the only time you’ll get to yourself) and having a baby monitor that works like an extra pair of eyes and ears whilst you’re in a different room can give you the reassurance you need to make the most of this time.

BT Baby Monitor 1000

The BT Baby Monitor 1000 comes with a decent-sized 2.8 inch LCD colour screen which is similar in size to most digital camera LCD screens. The viewing angle of the camera can be adjusted easily to give you a clear picture, and when the room is dark it will automatically switch to night mode so that you can still see.

It’s possible to connect up to 4 cameras with the parent unit if you have more than one child or for use in a nursery with more than one baby room. The device has a range of 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters when used outdoors.

Crystal clear sound and uninterrupted monitoring

Unlike older monitors that would occasionally pick up audio from other monitors in the neighbourhood or crackle in and out; the BT 1000 features Frequency hopping technology (FHSS) to ensure that your monitoring is uninterrupted. It will scan and detect the best signal over 52 different channels so that audio and video remains crystal-clear, and all transmitted data is encrypted so you can be certain that is only you that can see and hear your child. This device also includes a handy 2 way-talk function, which can be great for trying to soothe your baby or need to speak to a caregiver in baby’s room.

BT Baby Monitor AwardsIn good company and in good hands

It may not be an absolute must-have for new parents but for those looking for a decent quality video monitor the  BT Baby Monitor 1000 packs in a lot of features and manages to come in at under £100, which is great value for money when compared to some of the other models available. It has already been the recipient of some five star reviews from parents who have been using it for a while; and is part of BT’s award-winning range of baby monitors. Have a look at the selection of Baby Monitors on liGo, and let us know if you have any questions or require any additional advice.