Looking for something simple yet stylish? Affordable yet functional? Easy to use but full-featured? Lucky for you, BT has your back. The BT Inspire 1500 cordless phone is a durable phone which features an integrated answering machine, exceptional battery life all at a bargain price. Below we'll take a closer look at some of the highlights of this great phone and outline why we've selected it as the ideal mid-ranged home phone.

An All In One Solution

The BT Inspire boasts everything needed for a modern home phone set up all in one easy to use, easy to set up package. It includes an integrated digital answering machine with up to 27 minutes of recording time and basic functions like rewind, fast forward, skip and more. The answering machine is simple to set up or operate and lets you record your own greeting. Playback from the answering machine can be accessed either via the loud speaker located on the base unit, or conveniently and cordlessly via the handset.

We also find caller ID services, which when enabled by your telephone provider, allow you to see the number and name of incoming calls before answering them. Caller ID is present on the handset of the Inspire 1500, which also lets you keep a log of recent calls to easily sort through to get numbers you may have lost or look at your recent call history. The phones handset can also have its “Call Alert” mode activated, which makes the handset emit an audible noise at routine intervals after missing a call, alerting you and enabling you to check your messages or phones call history more quickly to return important phone calls or know whose trying to get in touch.

Cordless Freedom

Being a DECT phone, the BT Inspire 1500 features the impressive 250 meter outdoor/50 meter indoor range which enables cordless devices to keep people in touch and on the move. This is more than enough room to roam around just about any average sized house and even a bit outdoors before losing reception. While battery life has always been a major concern in the cordless phone world, and previously a seriously limiting factor to their usefulness, the BT Inspire 1500 seems to have largely overcome these challenges of the past and boasts an impressive 12 hours of talk time and up to 120 hours of standby. More than enough for even the most long winded conversations and the most haphazard charging habits.

Choose Your Speaker

There are three options for taking calls on the BT Inspire 1500: enjoy the exceptional sound quality of the handsets main speaker in use as a traditional handset, engage the handsets loudspeaker for a conference call or a hands-free experience, or connect your own corded headset via the BT Inspire 1500's 2.5 millimetre headset jack. Whichever route you take, you'll be sure to enjoy the crisp audio quality and impeccable reception which make allows the BT Inspire 1500 to be an exceptional workhorse more than suited for the duties of an all-around household phone.