The Siemens built BT Diverse repeater is compatible with most BT and Siemens Gigaset base stations. What the BT Diverse repeater doesn't include in its manual is how to register this with Siemens Gigaset base station. Please follow the guide below and you will have this up and running very soon.

Step 1: Put your phone into registration mode

Locate the page/intercom/find button on your phone’s base unit (this is the bigger unit which is plugged into your phone point).

Push the button and hold it for 3-5 seconds – you may hear a beep or a pulsing sound after doing this (depending on the model of the phone). The phone is now in registration mode and ready to be registered with the repeater.

Step 2: Registering the repeater

Switch on the power to the Repeater at the wall socket.

The green left-hand LED on the Repeater will flash, then after a short while the LED will remain on indicating that registration is complete.